Marin Bans all Cycling in County


In an unprecedented move, Marin County, California, has banned all bicycles county-wide. Marin has long been known as the most hostile municipality with regard to mountain biking, having effectively wiped mountain biking off its birthplace on Mount Tamalpais, and now that anti-bike sentiment has spread throughout the county to include fire roads, paved roads, and …

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Five2Ride: 5 of the Best MTB Trails in Hawaii


Hawaii!  Surfing, sun, snorkeling, luaus, pineapple, volcanoes, and… mountain biking?  Yep. Despite being small in area and isolated from pretty much anywhere else on the planet, sitting smack dab in the middle of our largest ocean, Hawaii is actually not just paradise in general, but paradise specifically for mountain bikers as well. Between inputs from Singletracks …

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California Representative Tom McClintock Introduces Legislation to Remove the Blanket Ban on Bikes in Wilderness

If new legislation finds its way to law, Mountain Bikers may once again be able to enjoy amazing vistas like this one in the Idaho's Boulder White Clouds (photo:

According to a March 3, 2017 Press Release from the Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC), Congressman Tom McClintock (R-California) has introduced legislation which would allow federal land managers to regulate bicycle use on wilderness trails, effectively removing the blanket ban on bicycles which was put into place in 1984, some 20 years after the original Wilderness Act …

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Oregon Crater Lake Wilderness Proposal Would Eliminate Treasured Mountain Bike Access

Among the 200+miles  of mountain biking access that stand to be lost in the proposed Crater Lake Wilderness is a 15.6 mile stretch of the IMBA Epic North Umpqua Trail (photo:

In what is becoming a depressingly-common phenomenon, yet more access to classic mountain biking trails is threatened by the potential creation of another new Wilderness area. After upwards of a thousand miles lost in Montana, Idaho and New Mexico, the newly-proposed Crater Lake Wilderness Area in Oregon has the potential to be the greatest loss …

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