Truck runs over biker’s head

If you’re skeptical about your mountain bike helmet being able to hold up in a crash, check out this story from Milwaukee. Ryan Lipscomb was riding down a bike path when an oncoming truck caused him to fall off his bike and under the wheels of the truck. Luckily his helmet saved his head from …

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Sideways bicycle?

Somehow I missed this one back in February but apparently a software engineer in Dublin, Ireland invented a bicycle that can be ridden sideways. The BBC News did a good write up about the bike and the article even includes video of a rider demonstrating the bike. The chief advantage of a sideways bicycle seems …

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Singletrack for beginners

It’s often tough to find just the right trail for first time mountain bikers. Obstacles like roots and stream crossings that might seem commonplace to experienced riders make beginners cringe and wish they had never ventured off road. I’ve personally given some bad recommendations based on what I assumed would be an easy first trail …

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GPS tips for mountain biking

I’ve been collecting mountain bike trail data on my GPS for a few years now and I thought it would be helpful to share some tips for those just getting started. Collecting GPS data can be a great way to build trail maps to share with friends but unfortunately most consumer GPS units don’t make …

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The sticky business of bike retailing

After a less than positive review of the Trek Concept Store in Raleigh earlier this week I thought I’d follow up with a run-down of the business considerations that (I assume) went into Trek’s foray into the world of bicycle retailing. Again, this is all pure speculation but I do have an MBA and I’m …

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Legend Park is legendary

Yesterday was a rare “trail day” here at singletracks and despite the overcast and cool weather I managed to get out to two new trails in a single afternoon. One of the trails, Garner Recreation Park, wasn’t even listed on singletracks yet – shame on us! The other trail at Legend Park in Clayton, NC …

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Trek Concept Store: Not clear

Mudhunny spotted an ad in Endurance magazine for North Carolina’s first Trek concept store in Raleigh and since the trails were wet Saturday we decided to check it out. Before heading out we searched the Google for directions and came across the store website which left us a bit underwhelmed. The site looked like some …

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New MTB trails in downtown Seattle

Seattle area riders have found an overlooked urban location for new mountain bike trails: under the interstate. Collonade Park is located under I-5 and boasts trails built using thousands of volunteer hours over the last couple years. Read the full article and check out the amazing photos of what has been done in a clearly …

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Forget Everest: Mountain bike race in Nepal

Oops, looks like we just missed this one: The first mountain bike race on the Tamrang heritage trails in Rasuwa, Nepal. Why should mountain climbers be the only ones who get to enjoy the Himalayas? Seems like a great chance to expand recreational tourism in the area, has anyone heard how this turned out?

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Sorry for the lack of news

If you’re worried we’ve abandoned the blog thing, have no fear! After an international excursion, the singletracks blog will be back to daily updates starting next week. As it turns out French and German kezboards are tough to tzpe on and some of the letters are mixed up 🙂 More to come soon…

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