How to replace your bottom bracket


This article illustrates how to remove an internal-cup ISIS bottom-bracket. With the proper tools, this job will take at the very most 10 minutes, given a bike that has been well taken care of. I say again, this is a walk-through for removal of INTERNAL BEARING BOTTOM BRACKETS. Not illustrated is the removal of the …

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How to replace a mountain bike cassette


This article is a step-by-step procedure on replacing a mountain bike cassette & chain. Featured parts used here are: SRAM 8spd (11-32) cassette SRAM 8spd Powerlink chain (top chain is old, bottom chain is new & longer) Tools required for this job are: Cassette lockring tool (SRAM cassettes are compatible with Shimano lockring tools) Chain-whip …

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How to fix or replace your MTB chain


To replace a mountain bike chain, you’ll need a chain-tool. Some chain-tools have removable bits that are different sizes for different link-pins. Most mountain bike chains have the same link-pin size, so do not be concerned if your tool only has one bit. The Park Chain-tool is a good choice, as it has a large …

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Retro Riding, or Mountain biking for Luddites


For some time now, I’ve been converting a Nirve Fifty-Three cruiser into a “Klunker”. This is the result. Our entire sport was founded upon the Klunkers, which were fashioned from scrounged bits from other bicycles, motorcycles & ice-cream carts. The founders of mountain biking’s scavenging provided fat knobby tires, brakes, handlebars, and most importantly, derailleurs. …

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The 650B Rolls On….

From DirtRag’s Blog: Their 650B SantaCruz Heckler (Beckler) is finished… And it certainly looks sweet! This bike is equipped with a White Brothers 130 fork, RockShox Pearl shock, Velocity Blunt 650B wheels, Pacenti NeoMoto tires, Maverick Speedball seatpost, and a CrankBrothers Cobalt crankset. Also, Kenda has paid attention to the increasing demand for 650B tires …

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The Singletracks National Mountainbike Gathering

I am excited to announce this event as the start of a yearly tradition for our small community at Singletracks! If anyone here might plan on attending our Gathering, please stop by the Forum Announcement and read up about the event. ~ To start off the event on Thursday, Sept. 4th, we’ll have an initial day …

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Togas, Laurels, and Chariots…… Mountainbike Chariots

From “A WELSH town will be transported back into Roman times today as it aims to maximise its visitor appeal. Residents in Llanwrtyd Wells–the self-confessed “wacky capital of Wales”–will don togas and drape themselves in laurels for a Gladiator-style chariot race. The event is to celebrate Saturnalia–an annual festival of Roman drinking, food and …

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Advice for New Mountainbike Buyers

I sometimes wonder; how many drop mountainbiking after the first few rides? And how often is this the result of an uneducated choice when selecting a new bike? The first problem is money, and what people are willing to pay for a new mountainbike. Following that, a lack of information and to some extent, personal …

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Cannondale Recalls 2008 Scalpel

Cannondale Recall Notices via PDF Cannondale is recalling its 2008 model year Scalpel, including the Scalpel Framset, Scalpel Team, and Scalpel 1/2. The frame can break while in use, causing the rider to lose control and suffer injuries from a fall or collision. The firm has received six reports of frames breaking. No injuries have been …

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All-Wheel-Drive MTB

Christini has developed an AWD bike with 5/6″ of travel, after having produced the 4″ travel Venture for some time now.  Known simply as the Christini Long Travel, it is available as a frame kit for $1995. By all accounts, the Christini system works exactly as advertised, and manufactures their mountainbikes for Jeep, who then …

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Ski-Slope DH Racing

From the Pocono Record December 31, 2007 “Looking for a challenge? How about downhill mountain biking on a black-diamond ski slope? “Blue Mountain Ski Slope is readying for its annual Bikercross. This extreme sport, which combines bicycling with skiing, has competitors racing on a downhill black-diamond ski slope at speeds exceeding 50 mph. “The snow-covered …

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