Review: The Camelbak Palos Is a Fanny Pack Specifically Designed for Mountain Biking


Camelbak claims the new Palos reservoir-based waist pack is the first designed specifically for mountain biking. This comes as a surprise to me, especially since I’ve been wearing waist packs, or as I like to call them, fanny packs, for a few years now. But come to think of it, none of the reservoir-based packs …

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The Magicshine MJ-908 Mountain Bike Light Makes Big Claims. Does it Deliver?


The Magicshine MJ-908 mountain bike light kit is designed for serious night riding, and the company makes some pretty big claims for this reasonably priced light set. But does it deliver? I decided to find out. Claim: 8,000 lumen output Lumen count is the number that consumers tend to focus on when selecting a bike light, and …

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Low-Fi Trail Traps Pop Up at Bethunes Gully in New Zealand

photo: Nic Sullivan

Sadly there is yet another report of trail terrorism targeting mountain bikers, this time at the Bethunes Gully trails in New Zealand. Nic Sullivan reports finding tree limbs deliberately placed on the trail to slow down or perhaps even injure riders on the popular mountain bike trails. Initially Nic and his riding partner thought the branches had fallen …

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Amazon Partners With Beeline Bikes for Free Assembly on Bikes Over $500

photo: Beeline Bikes

In yet another blow to local bike shops in the US, Beeline Bikes is set to offer drop-off, assembly, and set-up services for bicycles purchased on, according to Sports One Source. The service will be free for bikes that cost over $500, though only customers in eligible areas will be able to take advantage of the …

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How To: Mountain Bike Stream Crossing Tips and Techniques

Mountain bikers encounter all kinds of obstacles on the trail, and each one requires a slightly different technique to address. Today I want to share some tips for making it across a stream crossing without taking a bath in the drink. Momentum Is Your Friend Honestly I could just end the article with that heading because momentum is …

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Podcast: (Nearly) Everything You Need to Know About Mountain Bike Helmets


Today we talk about mountain bike helmets: the history of helmets in cycling, how helmets are constructed, and what mountain bikers should look for when purchasing a new helmet. For additional information, be sure to check out these resources: How to choose the best mountain bike helmet Mountain bike helmet reviews

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MTB Collision With Grizzly Bear Led to Fatal Mauling, According to Investigation

Photo by Flickr user “Kim,” via the Flickr Creative Commons:

Warning: This article contains graphic details. Back in June, the Flathead Beacon and Singletracks reported that Brad Treat was killed by a Grizzly Bear while mountain biking in Montana. Treat was a US Forest Service law enforcement officer, and a Forest Service review board recently concluded its investigation into the accident. According to the findings, Treat was …

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