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The Tunica Hills are geologic formations left behind by the southern edge of the ice cap from the last ice age. The WMA contains two ATV trails which are closed to ATVs most of the year and quite suitable for mountain bikes. There are also numerous hiking trails which are off-limits to cyclists. Inclines and declines are generally steep but short. Soil has high clay content and would be very slick after a rain. Lots of wildlife to see. Contact: rkarrs@lsumc.edu
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Granny Gear

August 1, 2015
Mel Rolls Granny Gear  
Review: Loved the scenery .... Nice canopy of trees .... Not really a trail per se ..... But nice ride. Lots of up hills which meant lots of downhills .... Downhills get a little sketchy with lose gravel.

Got a great workout and will probably go back and tie in the day at nearby Clark Creek Falls for a strong hike.

Granny Gear

February 27, 2013
ricksmith Granny Gear  
Review: Old tunica rd is soouth side of 66, south side wma. 7 miles loop s of 66. It reconnects with 66 e of prison. Start is near some mom pop conv store(50 m west of store on 66 is old tunica rd. it goes east south of 66 and comes out on 66(loop is 14-15 mi) Incline is 20-30 degrees about 10 hills each way 50 to 1-200 m. Its hard. I started hearing heart murmer r ear(1st time in life ) I have cycled it. I imagine hills are easier to run though Its a gravel road through the wma. The pen is west 1-2 miles. Probably should make sure they dont have a inmate chase on first

Granny Gear

February 27, 2013
ricksmith Granny Gear  
Review: Old tunica is the south side of wma. Its a approx 7 miles back to 66. The hills have a 20-25 degree incline. One midway is 300 meters updown and up again. At split (parker?, go left). When to 66 and barking dog(if he has'nt been run over yet), you can turn around(tot 15 miles. Note , it took several times before i could complete it wo rest(cycleing). Started hearing heart murmer in right ear. It will jump start ur exercise program I have cycled it in past. Some deer, small flock6-7 turkeys. I may run it in future

Granny Gear

April 10, 2009
froger1 Granny Gear  

* Review edited 4/10/2009

Granny Gear

June 24, 2006
Vesta Granny Gear  
Review: I rode the Tunica Hills North Tract ATV trail and ended up in prison. But first, about the north tract: The trail had recently been bulldozed, which one might think would make it much easier to ride; however, it had rained heavily three days earlier (according to the prison guards) and the trail had turned into a long mud bath---I mean knee-deep, suck your shoes off, drag your bike through on its side muddy. The Wildlife Management Area map showed the trail as a single loop (~4 miles total), however in reality the trail forked and I naturally took the wrong fork. After becoming lost in a maze of newly bulldozed logging roads, I emerged at the Angola State Penitentiary bloodhound kennels located at the edge of acres and acres of prison row crops. The trustees running the pound gave me iced water and were extremely nice, but suggested I not try to ride back, because I might be shot. Soon a guard arrived and questioned me thoroughly. Then her lieutenant showed up, repeated the questions, and searched everything I had except body cavities. During the search, two more guards and an assistant warden showed up. Things lightened up when I told them I worked for the Federal government, and they broke out in belly laughs. Very kindly, the first guard and lieutenant drove me and my bike back to my car. On the way we passed a prisonerĂ­s funeral, complete with an elegant black carriage hearse pulled by two white horses, and then passed by the site of the annual Angola State Penitentiary Rodeo (open to the public and well worth seeing, I am told). After driving some more---the place is huge---we arrived at the backside of the front gate. The guards at the gate were lined up to see the mud covered fool who had broken into prison. The lieutenant told me I had made their day. Overall, it was quite a ride.

October 14, 2005
Review: Wish I would have looked at the site for directions prior to ending up at the prision then turning around and going back! Damm-it man!

Granny Gear

September 20, 2004
moon Granny Gear  
Review: The directions are correct. It is very easy to pass up the road when traveling on Hwy 66.

Similar Trail: For the beginner/drinker, try riding down Cat Island road (from the town of St. Francisville). It's mainly asphalt & hard dirt roads, with a few off road trails here and there.

January 1, 1970
Review: These directions are wrong. If you try to follow them as printed, you will end up at Angola Federal Prison. I don't remember exactly how we finally got to the trailhead. But the Tunica sign (meaning Tunica the town, not the hiking trail) is beyond the turnoff on LA 66. The turnoff itself is on your right if you are coming from US 61. If you go all the way to Old Tunica Road and turn left, you will go into a very friendly backwoods neighborhood. If you don't take any turnoff, you will arrive at Angola Federal Prison (and be immediately intimidated). The correct turnoff is on your right and runs 45 degrees from the road. At the intersection, there is a little shop and a big sign that identifies the road as leading to some sort of plantation house or hotel or restaurant (I don't quite remember). After turning onto this road, you go less than 8 miles (because the store owner told me eight miles and I overshot) and you'll come to a fairly substantial intersection. If you come to a road named Woodstock, on your right, then you have gone too far. Go left at the substantial intersection and you will come to the Pond Store. It has a pond, with many donkeys and chickens and dogs. Turn left and pass the Pond Store. The trail head will be on the left.

January 1, 1970
Review: The directions are not wrong. Ms. Coffey simply didn't follow them. In fact, she was so lost, she was actually at Clark Creek State Park which is in Mississippi! THose are beautiful trails, butthey are for hiking, I would add.

January 1, 1970
Review: The directions are in fact correct. It is very easy to pass Old Tunica Road and end up at Angola. There is a small gas station and grocery on the left not far from Old Tunica Road.

Tunica Hills WLMA MTB Trail 3.29 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.
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