Rocky River Trail

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Used to be just called Steve's (land owner and trail builder). Parking is signed and on your left right when you pull in. Trailhead is up the gravel road a bit, marked by a yellow sign right after a Plymouth GTX on your right.

Switchbacks galore, offering twisting singletrack up and down the elevation. A good portion of trail is off camber with some roots thrown in there for good measure. Three major climbs (Gorge, No Name, Stairway to Heaven) which aren't afraid to attack the steep features of the elevation, River Climb is a warm up compared. You can find some speed here, but it offers more to handling and climbing, so bring your legs and lungs for this one. Great singletrack, nothing sanitized here.
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Trail features
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Trail Check-ins
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March 21, 2019
Review: This place has some really challenging climbs. Overall, a lot of fun. Short drive from Greensboro.

Bunny Hop

August 9, 2018
Review: First time on this trail. A father and son helped me figure out the "trail personality" and allowed me to follow until I got the gist of direction and flow. To give you a read of where i'm coming from, I'm 67 and loved the trail. Are there better trails? Yes but there are many worse. I am fortunate to ride all over this state and totally respect and love the individual personalities of each and every trai. Of the 25 trail I have ridden, I haven't scratched any off my plans to return. This one is unique like it should be. I could use adjectives that would be no different from any other trail but to me it's like meeting a new person - you either like them and enjoy their unique personality or you avoid them in the future. I plan to return!!

Granny Gear

February 1, 2018
JJISXBX Granny Gear  
Review: I really wanted to try a new trail so I was very excited to take the 43 minutes out of my day to try something new. The directions sent me to a parkway no trail. I really wish I could find this place does anyone have the actual address.


Granny Gear

May 23, 2018
scbiker Granny Gear  
Review: Go to for better direction. It is worth the little extra trouble to find these trails. Lots of fun.

Granny Gear

December 12, 2017
dallen1021 Granny Gear  
Review: The directions given sent me to a bogus address. Didn't get to ride today because of the pointless directions. Thanks who listed this. Spent 3 hours driving, and didnt even get to touch dirt!!! Thanks!!!

Granny Gear

September 15, 2017
Mason Blue Granny Gear  
Review: I had a great time out there, the trail was in good condition and I liked the creepy manikins throughout the ride. I am going to continue going here until I greatly improve my skills.

Granny Gear

November 1, 2016
Alex88 Granny Gear  
Review: Truly a reminder of Beech Spring (Poplar Tent) where i learned to ride back in the late 90's.
I actually love this trail and the "scenery" is funny/interesting to me, the trail has a sense of humor folks! Relax about the "junk"...think antique!
Good downhills, well documented uphills that are not very long but certainly heart pumpers. It's raw mountain biking
I'll be back.

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May 2, 2016
Review: Some recent reviews have compared the Rocky River trail to a junkyard, which isn't true at all. There are a few areas of the trail with a junky trailer or other similar things, but this is a tiny fraction of the trail. The trail is well maintained and does a great job with the space available.

One thing that needs clarification is that the climbs on the Rocky River trail aren't what some are describing. I get it, Singletracks has riders of all skill levels, and many riding this trail are beginners or haven't ridden much outside of their small group of trails in the area. In the Charlotte area there are few trails with any real climbing, at least none that are sustained, steep climbs. Climbing in the NC mountains is worlds away from this, and climbing in the Rockies is worlds away from that.

The climbs at Rocky River are actually quite tame with a couple of very short, steep sections. They're mostly switchbacks with a low tech level. Do not be frightened off by some of the reviews here.

Granny Gear

April 11, 2016
poplar Granny Gear  
Review: Sorry for the rating but it's just not my style. I don't mind paying a small donation for well maintained tails that ride well. This trail however was not worth the $3 bucks I electively payed. It's like a huge junk yard with trails weaving through it. Complete with creepy props around every corner. Wouldn't recommend riding this trail without an up to date tettnis shot or some form of personae protection (i.e. Tazzer, pistol, knife, crossbow)

Granny Gear

March 23, 2016
bdotson Granny Gear  
Review: I get it - people want some serious challenges and this provides some exciting terrain with great climbs. All of that is true. However, if you are looking to ride to enjoy nature and beautiful views, you know - the whole recharge in the beautiful forest thing - well this ain't it. Trash everywhere, old rusty appliances, abandoned trailers, beer cans, junk and more junk (did I really see steps/ladder to one of those above ground pool things?) old cars, you name it. I know we should be glad someone has a great ride on his own private property but ...

Well enough said. I've been my biking since the mid 1990s so I'm kinda familiar with why we do what we do. Think of it along two extreme ends of the spectrum: If mt biking is like going to the gym for you (all about the thrill and the cardio - and there's nothing wrong with that at all btw) then RRT certainly will be what you are looking for. If however, your riding is also about the nature side of things then maybe Sherman's Branch would be more the ticket.

Just my $.02 worth. YMMV.

PS - on the other hand though, I have to admit the actual trail alongside the Rocky River itself is beautiful... Although 25' sheer cliffs into the water and only inches from the trail (serious - gorgeous views but crazy dangerous ride there) - probably closer to nature than I care to get.

January 3, 2016
Review: Great trail !

Rocky River Trail MTB Trail 3.86 out of 5 based on 26 ratings. 26 user reviews.
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