Reservoir Ridge

2.00 out of 5
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Start out on the Foothills Trail and ride West uphill to the first trail intersection. Foothills Trail continues to the left, Reservoir Ridge Trail goes up on the Right and loops back around along Centenial Drive and back to the Foothills Trail. This trail is moderately technical due to rocky trail. Watch for trail hikers, runners, horses.
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Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Trail Check-ins
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Granny Gear

June 18, 2019
Hemi345 Granny Gear  
Review: The trail on the West side is great, flowy with a few mild sections, but I agree with the other comments on the East side part of the trail. It was re-routed and ruined. I understand why they did it because of the erosion and grade, but it's no longer fun to ride. I would recommend riding it starting from the Foothills trail on the West side to the top and turn around. The East side is almost entirely rock gardens and they are relentless and maddening. You will have bike/wheel damage from rocks flipping up and smacking the frame and rims. I know a few people that trail run, and they hate that side as well.


March 16, 2016
bigAD Trailblazer  
Review: I would avoid. Was saddened to see what had become of the trail I used to enjoy after work in the 00's.

Bunny Hop

February 19, 2016
Review: Gnar at no speed. Be prepared for a tech climb with awkward crank killers.

Bunny Hop

June 18, 2015
dbisogno Bunny Hop  
Review: Going up is rough, constant stop and go, pecking your way through rocks that seem to be everywhere. At first it's kind fun, but the trail is relentless.

Actually had a decent time going down. I'll probably keep riding it because it will definitely force me to be a better rider, but I won't be recommending it to someone looking to have fun.


August 18, 2014
DanK_NoCo Doubletrack  
Review: I have to agree with the RUINED comments. I tried to be patient, hoping the re-route would improve after some traffic. I like gnar. I really do, but this is not fun (gnar with no speed). If you find yourself enjoying a section of the trail, it's one of the few sections that remain from the trail that I started riding 15 years ago.

Climbing the reroute is a full time exercise in pedal management. I find this to be fun for about the half the climb, but the 2nd half is just plain tedious.

On the decent, the trail isn't steep enough to develop the momentum needed to skim across the tops of these same pedal grabbing rocks. If a fun trail is like riding a bucking bronco, then this trail is like being astride two bucking ponies, who's timing is all screwed up. The hits come faster than you can adjust your weight. If you can zig-zag the front end fast enough, none of the hits are big but they come at every possibly awkward moment -> there is a front wheel sucker between every pair of rocks. Maybe the experience is better on a 29er, but I doubt it because you'd have to plow some pretty significant rocks that the 26er can jib around. I don't need much "flow", but this trail gets a zero for flow.

My son gave it a try. With his 24in wheels, it was very frustrating. While the grade is now beginner friendly, nothing else about the ride is.

Similar Trail: none, I hope

Bunny Hop

August 16, 2013
Review: Ruined!!! The eastern facing slope has been re-routed! The trail is much slower now, with tons of techy rocks...can't sustain any speed to roll over the rocks efficiently. New trail has no flow what-so-ever! The ball bearing baby heads were faster and easier to ride on...I like tech, but this sucks! RUINED!!!


Bunny Hop

October 14, 2013
Mtnvet Bunny Hop  
Review: This trail is good for hiking only unless you are capable of riding through a graveyard without touching grass.


September 4, 2012
wrestle203 Doubletrack  
Review: the climb was a challenges with all the loose rock. the views were good. if you want a quick workout try this trail. it also connects to other trails

Bunny Hop

July 6, 2012
Review: Great trail without having to leave town. Perfect after work ride! Moderately technical. Fun downhill! Exposed with few trees.

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