382 Trails in Wisconsin

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Plank Trail (Schmeeckle Reserve Trails) 0.0 Stevens Point
Ligament (Northwest Park) 0.0 Eau Claire
Richard Bong State Recreation Area Easiest 0.0 ** Kansasville
Ice Age National Scenic Trail Intermediate 0.0 **** Cross Plains
Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest 0.0 Boulder Junction
Quarry Park Advanced 0.0 **** Madison
Copper Falls State Park Easiest 0.0 ** Mellen
Black Diamond Loop Intermediate 0.0 ***** Sturgeon Bay
Wyalusing State Park 0.0 Bagley
Boulder Trail (Davidson Park) 0.1 Westby
Riegel Park Interconnect (Woolly Trails) 0.1 St. Croix Falls
Sandy Bowl (Quarry Ridge Park) 0.1 Fitchburg
Loon Lake Access Trail (Copper Falls State Park) 0.1 Mellen
Ambulance Climb (Quarry Ridge Park) 0.1 Fitchburg
Nasty Goat (Northwest Park) 0.1 Eau Claire
Advanced Loop Connector (Nine Mile) 0.1 Wausau
Skippy (Northwest Park) 0.1 Eau Claire
Goat Path (Northwest Park) 0.1 Eau Claire
Teapot (Pinehurst Park) 0.1 Eau Claire
Frog Chorus Trail (Schmeeckle Reserve Trails) 0.1 Stevens Point
La Roota (Northwest Park) 0.1 Eau Claire
Rock Garden (Woolly Trails) 0.1 St. Croix Falls
Imberm (Hixon Forest) 0.2 La Crosse
Schnibbles (Sidie Hollow) 0.2 Viroqua
Lower Meadow (Woolly Trails) 0.2 St. Croix Falls
Sandy Climb (Quarry Ridge Park) 0.2 Fitchburg
East Loop Connector (Nine Mile) 0.2 Wausau
The Pines (Nine Mile) 0.2 Wausau
Birm Trail (Northwest Park) 0.2 Eau Claire
White Knuckle (Nine Mile) 0.2 Wausau
Pine Meadows Trail (Schmeeckle Reserve Trails) 0.2 Stevens Point
Bake Sale (Sidie Hollow) 0.2 Viroqua
Westside (Pinehurst Park) 0.2 Eau Claire
Tilted (Northwest Park) 0.2 Eau Claire
Easy Way Out Trail (Copper Falls State Park) 0.3 Mellen
Tiber Trail (Brunet Island State Park) 0.3 Cornell
Secret Trail (Levis Mounds) Beginner 0.3 *** Neillsville
Dead Turkey (Levis Mounds) Beginner 0.3 **** Neillsville
Connector Trail (Woolly Trails) 0.3 St. Croix Falls
Well Digger (Sidie Hollow) 0.3 Viroqua
The Pinery (Hubbard Hills) 0.3 Viroqua
Swamp Cut (Levis Mounds) Intermediate 0.3 **** Neillsville
Lakeview (Quarry Ridge Park) 0.3 Fitchburg
Cottonwood Trail 0.3 La Crosse
Barb Wire (Northwest Park) 0.3 Eau Claire
Warm Up Xc Ski Trail (Levis Mounds) Easiest 0.3 ** Neillsville
Clarence (Levis Mounds) Intermediate 0.3 ***** Neillsville
The Rock Xc Ski Trail (Levis Mounds) Easiest 0.3 ** Neillsville
South Riegel Park Connector (Woolly Trails) 0.3 St. Croix Falls
Sedge Meadow Trail (Schmeeckle Reserve Trails) 0.4 Stevens Point