192 Trails in Sammamish, Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Sleigh Ride (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.46 Sammamish
Small Fries (Tokul – West) 0.23 Fall City
Snoqualmie Ridge Neighborhood Trails 8.0 Snoqualmie
Soaring Eagle Regional Park Intermediate 5.0 **** Sammamish
South Trail (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.32 Sammamish
Southern Traverse Trail (Paradise Valley) 1.25 Woodinville
St. Edwards State Park Beginner 5.0 *** Kirkland
Steakhouse (Tokul – West) 0.31 Fall City
Step It up (Duthie Hill) 1.41 Issaquah
Tapeworm (Towers Of Power) Intermediate 8.0 **** Renton
Taylor Mountain Forest Intermediate 10.0 ** Seattle
Temple Pond Loop (Lord Hill Regional Park) 1.24 Snohomish
Terror Trail (Soaring Eagle Regional Park) 0.33 Sammamish
Tetherball (Tokul – East) 0.33 Fall City
The Legend (Tiger Mountain) 0.58 Issaquah
The Sink (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.13 Snohomish
Third Eye (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.21 Snohomish
Thrilla 19.0 redmond
Tiger Mountain Intermediate 20.0 ***** Issaquah
Tobogan (Tokul – West) 0.3 Fall City
Tokul - East Advanced 20.0 **** Fall City
Tokul - West Intermediate 15.0 **** Fall City
Tokyo Drift (Tokul – West) 0.59 Fall City
Tolt Bridge (Tolt MacDonald) 0.17 Carnation
Tolt MacDonald Intermediate 15.0 **** Carnation
Tolt-macdonald 15.0
Tuck's Trail (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.52 Snohomish
Twisted Hemlock (Paradise Valley) 0.27 Woodinville
Two Trees Trail (Paradise Valley) 0.82 Woodinville
Upper Ivan XC (Tokul – East) 0.65 Fall City
Upper Outback (Tokul – West) 0.49 Fall City
Upper Springboard (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.41 Snohomish
Uptown Funk (Tokul – East) 0.33 Fall City
Upward Mobility (Raging River State Forest) 1.28 Snoqualmie
Volunteer (St. Edwards State Park) 0.65 Kirkland
Water Tower Access Road (Henry’s Ridge) 0.22 Maple Valley
Watertower (St. Edwards State Park) 0.29 Kenmore
White Ox (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.13 Snohomish
Willow Walk (Tolt MacDonald) 0.18 Carnation
Wishbone (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.3 Snohomish
Wishbone Upper Connector (Lord Hill Regional Park) 0.09 Snohomish
Woodpecker Trail (Pioneer Park/Engstrom Open Space) 0.3 Mercer Island