137 Trails in Bellingham, Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Goldilocks (Galbraith Mountain) 1.31 Bellingham
Grass Hopper (Galbraith Mountain) 0.5 Bellingham
Green Connector (Galbraith Mountain) 0.09 Bellingham
Happy Hour (Galbraith Mountain) 0.3 Bellingham
Hemlock Trail (Chuckanuts) 2.61 Bellingham
Hopscotch (Galbraith Mountain) 0.16 Bellingham
Huckleberry Trail (Chuckanuts) 1.8 Bellingham
Hush Hush Trail (Chuckanuts) 1.24 Bellingham
Interurban Tr Beginner 5.96 **** Bellingham
Intestine (Galbraith Mountain) 0.34 Bellingham
Irish Death (Galbraith Mountain) 0.57 Bellingham
Kaiser (Galbraith Mountain) 0.83 Bellingham
Karma (Galbraith Mountain) 0.27 Bellingham
Keystone (Galbraith Mountain) 0.87 Bellingham
Lair of the Bear (Galbraith Mountain) 0.75 Bellingham
Larry Reed (Blanchard State Forest) 2.53 Bellingham
Last Call (Galbraith Mountain) 0.21 Bellingham
Lily Lake Trail (Blanchard State Forest) 3.61 Bellingham
Lily-Lizard Connector (Blanchard State Forest) 0.5 Bellingham
Lizard Lake Connector (Blanchard State Forest) 0.3 Bellingham
Lizard Lake Trail (Blanchard State Forest) 0.61 Bellingham
Lone Wolf (Galbraith Mountain) 0.35 Bellingham
Lost Giants (Galbraith Mountain) 0.73 Bellingham
Lost Lake Tr/loop 9.0 Bellingham
Lost Soul (Galbraith Mountain) 0.13 Bellingham
Lower Trail (Blanchard State Forest) 0.56 Bellingham
Madrone Crest Trail (Chuckanuts) 0.46 Bellingham
Mali (Galbraith Mountain) 0.46 Bellingham
Mama Bear (Galbraith Mountain) 0.78 Bellingham
Meth Lab (Galbraith Mountain) 0.26 Bellingham
Miranda (Galbraith Mountain) 0.19 Bellingham
Mohawk (Galbraith Mountain) 0.7 Bellingham
Mole Trap (Galbraith Mountain) 0.41 Bellingham
Mullet (Galbraith Mountain) 0.9 Bellingham
New Double Diamond Trail (Chuckanuts) 0.38 Bellingham
North Lake Whatcom Trail/Hertz Trail 2.39 Bellingham
Oly (Galbraith Mountain) 0.54 Bellingham
Oly Spur (Galbraith Mountain) 0.17 Bellingham
Oriental Express (Galbraith Mountain) 0.75 Bellingham
Oyster Dome Trail (Blanchard State Forest) 0.56 Bellingham
Pine and Cedar Lakes Trail (Chuckanuts) 1.67 Bellingham
Pony Express (Galbraith Mountain) 0.77 Bellingham
Pony Express Connector (Galbraith Mountain) 0.15 Bellingham
Powerline (Galbraith Mountain) 0.57 Bellingham
Prison Love (Galbraith Mountain) 0.44 Bellingham
Pump Track (Galbraith Mountain) 0.78 Bellingham
Raptor Ridge (Chuckanuts) 0.95 Bellingham
RD 2310 (Galbraith Mountain) 0.78 Bellingham
Ridge Trail (Galbraith Mountain) 0.68 Bellingham
Ridge Trail (Chuckanuts) 2.2 Bellingham