124 Trails in Maple Valley, Washington

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
'Lil Red (Henry’s Ridge) 0.11 Maple Valley
Bali To Ponds (Henry’s Ridge) 0.06 Black Diamond
Bandwagon (Tokul – East) 0.26 Snoqualmie
Beaver Pond (Tokul – West) 0.97 Snoqualmie
Big Bad Wolf (Henry’s Ridge) 0.27 Maple Valley
Big Beaver (Henry’s Ridge) 1.44 Maple Valley
Bobsled (Tokul – West) 0.47 Fall City
Bonbon (Tokul – West) 0.49 Fall City
Boot Camp (Duthie Hill) 0.86 Issaquah
Brain Bucket (Lake Sawyer) 1.06 Maple Valley
Brain Wave (Lake Sawyer) 0.45 Maple Valley
Bypass (Tokul – West) 0.04 Fall City
Clearcut (Tokul – West) 0.54 Fall City
Coal Mine Loop Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 2.55 Issaquah
Connector Trail (Tiger Mountain) 0.39 Issaquah
Connector Trail (Raging River State Forest) 0.18 Snoqualmie
Crazy Ivan (Tokul – East) 0.81 Fall City
Curly Fries (Tokul – West) 0.57 Fall City
Derailer (Henry’s Ridge) 0.56 Maple Valley
Derby (Tokul – East) 0.36 Fall City
Dirt Road (Henry’s Ridge) 0.4 Maple Valley
DIY (Tokul – West) 0.3 Fall City
Duthie Hill Intermediate 8.0 ***** Issaquah
Duthie Hill Access Trail 0.35 Issaquah
East Bound And Down 0.53 Issaquah
East Fork Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 1.58 Issaquah
East Lake Sammamish Trail Easiest 11.0 **** Seattle
East Tiger Summit Trail (Tiger Mountain) 1.21 Issaquah
Easy, Tiger (Tiger Mountain) 0.77 Issaquah
Flow State (Raging River State Forest) 1.17 Snoqualmie
FlowTron 3000 (Tokul – East) 0.72 Fall City
Foothills Trail Beginner 13.0 ** Bremerton
Fresh Squeezed (Lake Sawyer) 0.95 Maple Valley
Fully Rigid (Tiger Mountain) 0.39 Issaquah
Gem State 1.0 Snoqualmie
Gnome (Henry’s Ridge) 0.37 Maple Valley
Golden Spike - Tokul East (Tokul – East) 1.64 Fall City
Golden Spike - Tokul West (Tokul – West) 0.42 Fall City
Goose Chase (Tokul – East) 0.46 Fall City
Grand Ridge Park Intermediate 7.0 **** Issaquah
Grand Ridge Summit Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 0.65 Issaquah
Grand Ridge West Connector (Grand Ridge Park) 0.07 Issaquah
Grassy (Lake Sawyer) 0.14 Maple Valley
Henry's Ridge Intermediate 8.0 **** Maple Valley
High School Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 0.99 Issaquah
Humpty Dumpty (Henry’s Ridge) 0.17 Maple Valley
Inside Passage (Tiger Mountain) 1.6 Issaquah
Invictus 0.81 Snoqualmie
Issaquah-Preston Trail (Grand Ridge Park) 4.41 Issaquah
Iverson Railroad Trail (Tiger Mountain) 1.91 Issaquah