133 Trails in Draper, Utah

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Holly's (The Canyons Area) Advanced 5.0 ***** Park City
Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR) Intermediate 100.0 ***** Park City
Ridge Trail 157 18.0 ***** American Fork
BackSpacer (Mountain Ranch Bike Park) Intermediate 0.7 ***** Eagle Mountain
Wasatch Crest Intermediate 4.5 ***** Salt Lake City
Corner Canyon Trail Intermediate 5.0 ***** Draper
Pinecone Ridge Intermediate 2.1 ***** Park City
Prospect Ridge / Ontario Ridge (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Advanced 1.0 ***** Park City
Mid Mountain Intermediate 18.4 **** Park City
Brighton Lakes Loop Advanced 4.0 **** Brighton
South Fork of the Provo Beginner 4.0 **** Provo
Scott's Bypass (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 1.0 **** Park City
Timpanooke Intermediate 6.0 **** American Fork
Rodeo Down (Lambert Park) Intermediate 0.8 **** Alpine
Mill Creek Pipeline Beginner 7.4 **** Salt Lake City
Valley Vista Trail System Beginner 5.0 **** Pleasant Grove
Up Shooter, Mr. Hyde, Mrs. Hyde. Down Lament, Dry Canyon DH, and Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Provo Canyon/Dry Canyon Loop) 7.0 **** Orem
Achtung Baby (Corner Canyon Trail) Intermediate 2.0 **** Draper
Archie's Loop Intermediate 3.0 **** Sundance Resort
Squaw Peak Trail Advanced 1.7 **** Provo
Park City IMBA Epic Advanced 26.0 **** Park City
Little Cottonwood Pipeline Beginner 6.0 *** Salt Lake City
Yellow Fork Canyon County Park Intermediate 9.0 *** Herriman
Bst To Equestrian Center Loop Intermediate 10.0 *** Draper
The Canyons Area Intermediate 15.0 *** Park City
Colin's (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 1.0 *** Park City
Jupiter Peak Road (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Intermediate 1.0 *** Park City
Bells Canyon Advanced 6.0 *** Salt Lake City
Mt. Wire Expert 4.0 ** Salt Lake City
Canyons Bike Park (The Canyons Area) Advanced 10.0 ** Park City
Ambush (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 1.4 Park City
Tibble Fork Trail 2.8 Alpine
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Cedar Hills to Grove Creek Canyon 9.0 Cedar Hills
Creed, Roadrunner, Deadwood, Treadstone (Mountain Ranch Bike Park) 12.0 Eagle Mountain
110 (Mountain Ranch Bike Park) 0.4 Eagle Mountain
Rosecrest Bench (Herriman City Trails) 1.9 Herriman
Alpine Lake (The Canyons Area) 0.6 Park City
Alpine-Ridge Connector 0.7 Alpine
Bear Canyon Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.8 Alpine
Betty (Provo Canyon Trails) 0.7 Orem
Black Dog (Lambert Park) 0.4 Alpine
Blackridge (Herriman City Trails) 0.8 Herriman
Blazing Saddle (Herriman City Trails) 0.4 Herriman
Brocks Point (Corner Canyon Trail) 0.3 Draper
Brown Dog (Lambert Park) 0.2 Alpine
Buffalo Peak Trail (Pole Canyon Trails) 0.8 Orem
Cactus Hill (Pole Canyon Trails) 0.2 Orem
Canyon Hollow (Corner Canyon Trail) 1.4 Draper
Clarks Trail (Corner Canyon Trail) 1.3 Draper
Cliff Trail (Provo Canyon Trails) 0.3 Orem