158 Trails in Brighton, Utah

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Silver Springs 9.0 Park City
Solamere (Prospector Area) Intermediate 1.0 Park City
Ambush (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 1.4 Park City
Rosebud's Heaven (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 1.0 Park City
SOS (Prospector Area) Advanced 0.0 Park City
Boot Hill (Prospector Area) Intermediate 2.0 Park City
Trestle Trail (Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR)) Advanced 1.0 Park City
Ironman (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 3.0 Park City
Goldfinger (The Canyons Area) Intermediate 1.0 Park City
Tibble Fork Trail 2.8 Alpine
Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Cedar Hills to Grove Creek Canyon 9.0 Cedar Hills
Chopped Coyote Loop 17.0 Heber
W.O.W Trail 12.0 Midway, UT
Jeremy's 24-7 (Glenwild) 1.6 Park City
Alpine Lake (The Canyons Area) 0.6 Park City
Alpine-Ridge Connector 0.7 Alpine
Aqueduct (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.6 Heber City
Backslide (Round Valley) 0.8 Park City
Barrel Roll (Round Valley) 0.5 Park City
Bear Canyon Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.8 Alpine
Black Dog (Lambert Park) 0.4 Alpine
Boulder (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) 2.1 Park City
Bronto Jam (Trailside Loop And Skills Park) 0.5 Park City
Brown Dog (Lambert Park) 0.2 Alpine
Cottontail (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.5 Heber City
Crazy Eights (Glenwild) 0.6 Park City
Corkscrew (Lambert Park) 0.4 Alpine
Deer Crest (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) 1.9 Park City
Devo (Deer Valley Resort Bike Park) 0.9 Park City
Donkey Ridge (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.7 Park City
Down Dog (Round Valley) 0.8 Park City
Dropout (Glenwild) 0.7 Park City
Fairway Hills Connector (Round Valley) 0.9 Park City
Fastpitch Trail (Round Valley) 1.2 Park City
Fink Again (Glenwild) 0.9 Park City
Flank (Lambert Park) 0.3 Alpine
Glenwild Loop (Glenwild) 5.5 Park City
Gold Finger 0.6 Park City
Grove Creek Trail #048 3.0 Pleasant Grove
Happy Gilmor (Round Valley) 1.0 Park City
Hat Trick Trail (Round Valley) 1.2 Park City
High Bench (Lambert Park) 0.8 Alpine
Holman Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 3.9 Alpine
Horse Flat Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 1.5 Alpine
HT of Mid-Mountain 2.9 Park City
Huber Grove Trail (Wasatch Mountain State Park) 0.7 Heber City
Indian (Lambert Park) 0.2 Alpine
Iron Man 2.4 Park City
Island Meadow Trail (Mill Canyon OHV Trails) 0.3 Alpine
Jordanelle Perimeter Trail (Jordanelle State Park) 13.4 Heber City