119 Trails in Maine

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Switchback (Bradbury Mt State Park) Advanced 0.0 ***** Pownal
Glenden's Bend Intermediate 0.0 **** Cape Elizabeth
Shapleigh Trails 0.0 Shapleigh ,me
Suicide Hill 0.0 Old Town
Stunts! Advanced 0.0 ***** Portland
Patten Academy Park 0 Patten
Spike (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 0.17 Carrabassett Valley
Grassy Loops #2 (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 0.19 Carrabassett Valley
Widowmaker (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.2 Carrabassett Valley
Grassy Loops #1 (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 0.35 Carrabassett Valley
Grassy Loops #3 (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 0.39 Carrabassett Valley
Snail Trail (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.44 Carrabassett Valley
The Climb (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.67 Carrabassett Valley
The Real Deal (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.69 Carrabassett Valley
Meade (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 0.69 Carrabassett Valley
Hurricane Knoll (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.75 Carrabassett Valley
Cinderella (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.78 Carrabassett Valley
T.O.A.D. (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.81 Carrabassett Valley
Hurricane Trail (Carrabassett Valley Trail System) 0.88 Carrabassett Valley
Buckshot (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.92 Carrabassett Valley
Sunny Breeze (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 0.98 Carrabassett Valley
Kettle Cove Blend Beginner 1.0 **** cape elizabeth
Philbrick Trail Intermediate 1.0 **** Skowhegan
Arundel Community Trails 1 Arundel
El Depot Mountain Bike Park 1.2 Belfast
Old Race Trail (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 1.23 Carrabassett Valley
West Knoll (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 1.29 Carrabassett Valley
Jabba The Hut (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 1.92 Carrabassett Valley
Muddy River View Trail 2.0 Topsham
Clark's pond trail 2.0 south portland.
Boundary Trail (Bradbury Mt State Park) Advanced 2.0 ***** Pownal
Stonegate Trail (Greenbelt) Intermediate 2.0 *** Cape Elizabeth
Evergreen Cemetary Beginner 2.0 *** Portland
Riverside Cemetary Intermediate 2.0 *** Lewiston
Carriage Trail (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 2.02 Carrabassett Valley
Hansen Pond Preserve 2.5 Acton
Oyster River Multi-use Trail 3.0 Thomaston
Oak Knoll (Campbell Fields Riding Area) 3 Carrabassett Valley
Bethel Village Trails Beginner 3.0 **** Bethel
Stroudwater Intermediate 3.0 **** Portland
Tryon Mountain 3.0 Pownal
Whiskeag Trail Advanced 3.0 ***** Bath
Libby Hill Forest Trails Advanced 3.0 ***** Gray
Moose Odyssey Intermediate 3.0 **** Gray
Robinson Woods Intermediate 3.0 **** Cape Elizabeth
Breakneck Pond Trail Beginner 3.0 **** Bar Harbor
Alden Hill Intermediate 3.0 **** Gorham
Camden Snow Bowl Intermediate 3.0 **** Camden
Essex Woods 3 Bangor
Fifty (Sugarloaf Outdoor Center) 3 Carrabassett Valley