850 Trails in ||field220:820|field191:592Chico, California

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Sawtooth Trail 7.16 Truckee
Ice Plant 17.0 Ely
White Mountain Road 70.8 Bishop
DRLT and Hole in the Ground (Hole In The Ground) 31.0 Truckee
Briones to Mt. Diablo Trail (Shell Ridge Open Space) 9.0 Walnut Creek
Limestone Canyon 11.0 **** Silverado
Gas Cap 2.0 fort bragg
Espola/West Ridge/Lomas Verde/Old Coach Trails 10.0 Poway
Strawberry Peak 16.0 La Canada Flintridge
Box Springs Mountain Access Road 14.0 Moreno Valley
parallel action 3.0 fort bragg
Rio Bravo 15.0 Bakersfield
Feather Falls 8.0 Oroville
San Diego Creek Trail 30.0 Irvine
Busy Bee, Neapolatin, and Scoobie's (Los Posadas) 1.83 Angwin
Almaden Lake Trail 8.0 San Jose
Kings Beach 15 Kings Beach
Ikes peak 10.0 Las Vegas
Ward Mountain Recreation Area 5.0 McGill
Kings Beach Trail (18E04) (Kings Beach) 1.74 Kings Beach
Castaic Lake Pro Uphill 1.0 Castaic
Timber Creek 5.0 McGill
Grapevine (Pro Downhill) 1.0 Castaic
Strawberry Point Trail 2.0 Kyburz
Hope Valley 2.0 Woodfords
Sunset Hills - Woodridge Loop 17.0 Thousand Oaks
Bob Scott / Austin Summit 2.0 Austin
Sawyer Camp Trail 12.0 San Mateo
West Ridge Trail (Cronan Ranch) 6.0 Pilot Hill
Bear Bottom 16.0 Arnold
El Dorado Trails 10.0 Yucaipa
Wildcat Canyon Regional Park 22.0 Richmond
Deer Creek Hills: Southeast Loop 4.0 Sloughhouse
San Antonio Creek Trail 2.0 Santa Barbara
North Yuba Connector (North Yuba) 14.0 Downieville
Central Park 3.0 Santa Clarita
Van Sickle 3.0 Summit Village
Old Humboldt to Green Gate to North Rim (Upper Bidwell Park) 24.0 Chico
Wildcat Creek Trail 11.0 El Cerrito
Black Mountain 25.0 San Diego
Prospect 2.0 Orleans
Gateway Trail 11.0 Mt. Shasta
Hume Lake Trail 5.0 Hume Lake
Lizard Trail (Crystal Cove State Park) 2.0 Laguna Beach
Simon Preserve 5.0 Ramona
Top Dog - Dog Tag (Tapia Canyon) 1.0 Castaic
Cherry Gap 7.0 Hume Lake
Acorn Trail 2.0 Wrightwood
Mohave and Milltown Railroad Trail 14.0 Oatman
Rebel Ridge Trail 2.0 Camptonville