111 Trails in North Vancouver, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
For the Kids (Mt Fromme) 0.4 North Vancouver
Forever After (Mount Seymour) 0.9 Deep Cove
Full Pull (Eagle Mountain) 1.8 Anmore
Function Junction Trail (Burnaby Mountain) 0.4 Burnaby
Gear Jammer Trail (Burnaby Mountain) 0.52 Burnaby
Goats Trail (Watershed Park) 0.5 Surrey
Golf Course Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.63 Deep Cove
Good Sir Martin Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.73 Deep Cove
Grannies (Mt Fromme) 0.4 North Vancouver
Gravity Bowl Trail (Watershed Park) 0.39 Surrey
Greenland (Mount Seymour) 0.36 Deep Cove
Hang Your Hat (Burnaby Mountain) 0.7 Burnaby
Hemlock Trail (Pacific Spirit Regional Park) 1.32 Vancouver
Heron Trail (Pacific Spirit Regional Park) 1.04 Vancouver
Hett Creek Steeps (Bert Flinn Park) 0.22 Anmore
Hett Creek Trail (Bert Flinn Park) 0.29 Anmore
Huckleberry Trail (Pacific Spirit Regional Park) 0.24 Vancouver
Hyannis Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.76 Deep Cove
Hydraulic Connector (Mount Seymour) 0.52 Deep Cove
Immonator (Mt Fromme) 0.12 North Vancouver
Incline Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.44 Deep Cove
Iron Knee Trail (Pacific Spirit Regional Park) 0.29 Vancouver
John Deer (Mount Seymour) 0.8 Deep Cove
John Thompson Loop (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve) 0.5 North Vancouver
King of the Shore (Mt Fromme) 0.32 North Vancouver
Kirkford (Mt Fromme) 0.29 North Vancouver
Ladies only (Mt Fromme) 0.8 North Vancouver
Lakeview Trail (Eagle Mountain) 2.34 Anmore
Leopard (Mt Fromme) 0.47 North Vancouver
Long Trail (Pacific Spirit Regional Park) 0.76 Vancouver
Lower Backyard Trail (Bert Flinn Park) 0.9 Anmore
Lower Crippler (Mt Fromme) 0.31 North Vancouver
Lower Digger (Mt Fromme) 0.25 North Vancouver
Lower Eagle Bluff (Eagle Mountain) 0.46 Anmore
Lower Griffen (Mt Fromme) 0.4 North Vancouver
Lower Ladies (Mt Fromme) 0.31 North Vancouver
Lower Line (Bert Flinn Park) 0.22 Anmore
Lower Snake Trail (Burnaby Mountain) 0.26 Burnaby
Mary Kirk Access Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.39 Deep Cove
Mossom Creek (Eagle Mountain) 0.95 Anmore
Mount Seymour Advanced 47.0 *** Deep Cove
Mountain Air Park 3.0 Burnaby
Mountain Air Trail (Burnaby Mountain) 1.14 Burnaby
Mountain View Park (Mt Fromme) 0.06 North Vancouver
Mt Fromme Advanced 20.0 *** North Vancouver
Mushroom Trail (Mount Seymour) 0.51 Deep Cove
Nicole's Advanced 8.0 **** Burnaby
Oil Can (Mt Fromme) 0.5 North Vancouver
Pacific Spirit Regional Park 9.0 Vancouver
Pile of Rocks (Mt Fromme) 0.2