53 Trails in Pemberton, British Columbia

Trail Name Difficulty Length (mi) Rating City
Moosejaw (Mosquito Lake) 0.49 Pemberton
46 (Mackenzie) 1.2 Pemberton
One Mile Lake 6.0 Pemberton
Mosquito Lake 20 Pemberton
Nairn Falls Provincial Park 0.0 Pemberton
Mission Impossible 2 and 3 (Mosquito Lake) 0.34 Pemberton
Lord of the Squirrels Advanced 4.0 ***** Whistler
A-Line (Whistler Mountain Bike Park) 1.2 Whistler
Blackcomb Trails 10.0 Whistler
Central Scrutinizer (Zappa Trails) 0.2 Whistler
Molly Hogan Trail (Zappa Trails) 1.01 Whistler
Dinah Moe Humm (Whistler Mountain Bike Park) 0.2 Whistler
Donkey Puncher (Zappa Trails) 0.7 Whistler
Disco Boy (Zappa Trails) 0.1 Whistler
Dwarf Nebula (Zappa Trails) 0.1 Whistler
Elephant Bridge (Zappa Trails) 0.1 Whistler
Dark Crystal (Blackcomb Trails) 2.1 Whistler
Hey Bud (Blackcomb Trails) 1.0 Whistler
Microclimate (Blackcomb Trails) 1.0 Whistler
Fountain of Love (Zappa Trails) 0.3 Whistler
Gee I Like Your Pants (Zappa Trails) 0.15 Whistler
Gipsy Drum (Zappa Trails) 0.34 Whistler
Grand Wazoo (Zappa Trails) 0.59 Whistler
Hooktender (Zappa Trails) 0.46 Whistler
Hydro Hill (Zappa Trails) 0.15 Whistler
Jellyroll Gumdrop (Zappa Trails) 0.28 Whistler
Lower Howler (Westside trails) 1.34 Whistler
Miss Pinky (Zappa Trails) 0.13 Whistler
Whistler Mountain Bike Park Intermediate 40 ***** Whistler
Cut Yer Bars Advanced 2.0 **** Whistler
Comfortably Numb (Whistler North trails) Advanced 24.0 ***** Whistler
Whistler Bike Park Garbanzo Zone (Whistler Mountain Bike Park) Intermediate 2 ***** Whistler
Whistler Bike Park Fitzsimmons Zone (Whistler Mountain Bike Park) Advanced 3 ***** Whistler
Whistler Air Zone (Whistler Mountain Bike Park) Advanced 1.0 *** Whistler
Whistler Valley Trail Easiest 40.0 **** Whistler
A river runs through it (Westside trails) Advanced 14.0 ***** Whistler
Emerald forest (Westside trails) Intermediate 5.0 **** Whistler
Industrial Disease (Westside trails) Expert 3.0 *** Whistler
Whip me Snip me (Westside trails) Beginner 3.0 *** Whistler
Flank Trail - Function Junction to Rainbow (Westside trails) Intermediate 15.0 *** Whistler
Danimal North (Westside trails) Advanced 2.0 ***** Whistler
Into the Mystic 4.82 Whistler
Whistler North trails 40.0 Whistler
Zappa Trails 20 Whistler
Sea To Sky Trail Beginner 112.0 **** Whistler
Kill Me Thrill Me (Whistler North trails) Advanced 10.0 ***** Whistler
Rainbow-Sproat Flank 10.0 Whistler
Whistler Bike Park Peak Zone Advanced 3.0 **** Whistler
Westside trails 50.0 Whistler
Whistler Bike Park Creekside Advanced 5.0 ***** Whistler