Raider's Camp Trail

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This trail is illegal - off limits to bikes. Do not ride here.
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Trail features
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  • Winter Fat Biking
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Granny Gear

November 14, 2008
Review: Brian... Linville Hillbillies???? Come on now! I can guarantee you that anyone living in that area knows exactly where Edgemont is... if your demeanor when asking them directions was anything like you come off on here I'm sure they simply decided to play ignorant. Remember these are illegal trails... some "hillbillies" don't take too kindly to city slickers driving up for the day and riding in their beautiful, remote area. As for the trails, I've never ridden them but have hiked all over that area. I can only imagine the ride would be great!

* Review edited 11/14/2008

Granny Gear

March 1, 2007
J.Michelis Granny Gear  
Review: Actually, no one has got the spelling correct yet. It is Raider Camp Trail and Harpers Creek Trail. Both trails are also illegal to mtn bike. Mtn Biking is currently illegal in both the Harpers Creek Wilderness Study Area and Lost Cove Wilderness Study Area. Please understand that you may ride these trails, but you face arrest and an appearance in Federal court if you are caught doing so. The IMBA (International Mountain Bikers Association) has issued a removal request of the Harpers Creek area from IMBA approved websites. The U.S.F.S. has already declared these trails as illegal. I'm not going to detain you or even bother you if you ride these trails, but please understand when you ride Raider/Harpers, you are breaking federal law. Ride at your own risk.

* Review edited 2/28/2007

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April 17, 2004
Review: you guys that won't give directions to trails remember, you reap what you sow. not a problem if you stay at home to ride but when you travel and you're suddenly a touron yourself, maybe you'll think of how you hoarded 'your' trail and wonder if your karma is shaky - there's plenty to go around- out west where i moved 25 yrs ago (for good reason)

January 1, 1970
Review: This could have been possibaly been the best trail I have riden also. I deffinatly like it better than any trial in NC by far

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January 1, 1970
Review: this is not a review of the rader's camp trail, but rather a complaint about the lack of directions on this web site. way too complicated?! what does that mean? i went to linville and asked a few locals where edgemont was. their reply was what is edgemont? one person told me to go up 221 and look for signs leading to edgemont. there were no signs. i then asked another man where it was, but it was not even on the map he owned. i asked yet another person where edgemont was, and they had never heard of it either. one man thought it was off of pilot's ridge road, but i saw no trails there except some lame hiking trails. basically we spent hours looking for something that apparently doesn't exist. if you want people to experience this supposed trail you should post directions on this web site instead of expecting some linville hillbillies to know.

January 1, 1970
Review: You guys need to learn how to spell! It's Raider's Camp Trail and, to be honest, it is a complicated ride because there are so many trails once you get in the right area. And, by the way, there are many awesome trails off of Pilot's Ridge Road if you know where you're going! Raider's Camp is one of the best trails in this area and there are many good ones. Guess what? This area is every bit as good as the Cradle of Forestry area (Black Mtn; etc) that is so hyped on the web. You need the Wilson's Creek Recreation Area Map to navigate the area and you can pick it up at the only gas station in Linville. I won't elaborate on the directions; to be honest, I don't want any more rider's here, but if you see me in the area, I would be glad to show you around. Have a nice day!

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January 1, 1970
Review: This is by far one of the best. Brevard might be a little better (I love that place) Overall difficulty 5-6. Rating a perfect ten. I agree with the above, I 'd give directions but I like keeping it to the locals. 2 great waterfalls (if you know where they are) and miles of sweet NC singletrack. Your face will get sore from grinnig to much. BTW it's Raider

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January 1, 1970
Review: NOT a trail review, but I did rise to the challenge of finding Edgemnont and Harpers creek on the map. From Linville head south east on Roseboro Rd., continue on FR 961, and I think you'll end up in Edgemont although I don't know how you'll be able to tell. enjoy!

January 1, 1970
Review: Very beautiful trail to hike, as I don't bike trails. Somewhat rugged and challenging. The best way to get to this trail is to take NC181 north to Jonas Ridge, NC. There is a General Store across the road from the Jonas Ridge Post Office. Turn right on the paved road in front of the post office. Continue on until the asphalt ends and gravel begins. You're now on Forest Road 464. Continue for a few miles. You will evetually see a split in the forest road. Take the road on the right and you'll now be on Forest Road 58. Go about 2 miles and look for the South Harper's Creek Trail #260 trail head. Follow #260 until you reach South Harper's Creek Falls. Shortly after that, you'll come to a split and the path that continues straight is #270 or Raider's Camp Trail. Edgemont is on the eastern end of the trail and is north of the Mortimer Recreation Center. It's just a tiny community nestled in a valley. Hope this helps future bikers to find it. Don't forget to respect hikers! I've almost been run over by a few biker's before going too fast.

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