Musquash Conservation Area

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Really nice, quiet trail system with several interesting loops. You can spend the better part of a Saturday winding around the connecting trails. Some short climbs, two fun berms on the Landing (heading east in from the Litchfield side), an excellent descent from Overlook, and nice tight singletrack on the Betty Mack. Rocky, rooty and occasionally swampy, it pays to bring bug spray. If you are unfamiliar with the area, stay on blazed trails or you could end up with a long, disorienting, unintended visit to Litchfield State Forest on the other side of the powerlines.

Here's an excellent PDF map of the area:
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Trail features
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March 15, 2016
Review: Nice local singletrack. I ride there as often as I can.

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Bunny Hop

July 10, 2015
mistav Bunny Hop  
Review: Only spent about an hour or so here but like it very much so far. Found a couple of spots to grab a little speed and even found a bunch of rocks that I can't comprehend someone actually riding through, although I'm new so I'm sure someone with more skill could. Will definately be back soon.


July 15, 2014
sssirois Gnarly  
Review: Rode for the first time: Deer Trail, Landing, Porcupine, Overlook, and Betty Mack. ST trails technical with many rock gardens throughout at times making it difficult to get a good flow/rhythm going. Double track trails less technical with more opportunities for some speed. Not lots of elevation but enough short ups/downs to get the blood flowing. Add in a few features/bridges and it provides for a challenging ride that keeps your attention. Very well marked with maps & corresponding junctions numbers at most trail intersections. This is a ride where you don't want to stop much, because the mosquitos & horse flies are ferocious with swamps/wetlands throughout the trail system.

Similar Trail: Bear Brook (a la Catamount or Cascades - but without the elevation)


May 28, 2013
Review: Rynil2000:

After looking at a map I am certain you were not in Musquash. That whole area is a mess.

The popular and most practical entrance is on Hickory Hill Drive which is off of High Range Road that runs from Hudson to the back of the Manchester Air Port.

Hickory Hill Drive

Londonderry, NH 03053

Look here, and try it again, I promise you wont be disappointed:

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May 28, 2013
Review: The best entrance is via High Range Rd to Hickory and entrance to conservation land is at the end of the road.

Similar Trail: FOMBA, Yudicky(top side), Bear Brook

Bunny Hop

April 26, 2013
Rynil2000 Bunny Hop  
Review: UPDATE:

First off, thanks to everyone for the info on the best trail head via Hickory Hill Dr. I've been back to the trail a couple of times since my last review (below) and I'm fairly certain now that I was on a totally different set of trails that somehow connected to the old white trail that's been chopped up by the logging. First time back: I headed out from Hickory Hill, down the main trail, took the first right on the overlook and about 1.5 miles into the ride I break a chain link and it snags my rear derailleur bending it into a twisted mess and I have to walk back out; not fun. Second time back: Same location, same plan, new parts. I got to ride about 10 miles of the trails out there, out and back through overlook, betty mack, white, and blue trails. There has got to be a better route that what I took because the entire ride seemed like I was headed backwards on a one way trail. I could never get a good flow going. As soon as it started going well, there would be an intense climb through a rock garden or some gnarly, slippery roots. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, but it seemed every uphill was made to kick your butt. Other than that, no issues with the trails. I can say, DON'T FORGET THE BUG SPRAY. Being built around two swamps means mosquitoes as big as bats; I got eaten alive. And what's up with the random gunshots all the time: is there a range close by?


So it's finally warm enough to get out and ride again in NH. I decided to visit the Musquash Conservation Area after reading such great reviews on the site. I have to say, this place has either suffered greatly through the winter, been neglected for a long time, or I was crazy lost. To start, I began by parking in the marked cul-de-sac on Faucher Rd. The bridge leading in was cool; long and right next to a log dam. I planned to ride in from there and hit up the trail loops. Immediately over the first crest I came to a huge logging operation. Things were TORN UP. I'm not even sure if I was on the right path as I never saw a blazed tree my whole time out. I followed a gravel road and took a couple of side trails that cut off of it. These trails were HORRIBLE; overgrown, rutted by dirt bikes, and covered in horse crap. Not to mention they were either super soft sand or standing water. I must have been totally lost because I didn't find any of the flowy singletrack you guys are talking about. I don't think I'll be coming back here anytime soon. If I do, I'll start at another entrance.

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Bunny Hop

June 27, 2013
Guest Bunny Hop  
Review: You can get into the Musquash this way but you're at the far end of the area and is not the right place. As others have mentioned - Hickory Hill Rd is the best place. Also, there has been a massive amount of clear cutting near where you entered. The trails are all now "OK" in regards to it not being a mess. Not sure where you were though because in 15 years of riding here I've never seen a horse or horse crap!

Granny Gear

November 17, 2012
Review: Local to the trail. Love the fall riding in here. No mud or bugs. Just make sure to wear orange as hunting is allowed. Also there is a gun range near by so you will hear shots. Main trails had very little leaf cover. The more advanced trails did have a fair bit of cover thought. For a general review I always find myself wondering why builders didnt use a few rocks here and there to add some features to the trails. There is a small drop on part of Deer Run if you like those besides that relatively featureless riding.


November 13, 2012
Fitch Doubletrack  
Review: With some of the storms around, Musquash has weather things quite well - make sure you wear hunter orange in the fall, as this place seems to draw them in, especially being so close to a shooting range. Trails are in great shape this fall.

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August 10, 2012
S.Cruz Gramcounter  
Review: Riding here is great; especially at night! Great trail network that you can jump on from various parts of Londonderry and Litchfield. The way they maintain the trails and the pride they put Into their trail marking/maps is impressive. I like it here more every time I ride it.


June 5, 2012
Review: Been riding here 2 or 3 times a week as I'm half way between it and FOMBA, which makes it a tough choice every day. They have done a lot of work on this system and its a blast to ride. Since it is mostly a swap there are plenty of bridges many at bottoms of short steep hills both narrow and wide with new wood armoring being built every day. This trail system is very comparable to FOMBA as it is just as meticulously maintained and has the same range of skill levels. My one negative thought is that in my opinion there are many trails here that obviously flow better in one direction of travel then the other. It did not take me long to learn this though and only increased my enjoyment of the place. Its a nice place to ride for a good portion of a day.

Similar Trail: FOMBA, Bear Brook, South side of Fort Rock.



November 3, 2016
Review: JacksPerson, my gf and I had an awful experience "going up a down trail". Would you mind sharing recommendations on how to ride the Musquash trails so we avoid a repeat? I'd like our first time there to be enjoyable. Thanks, Andrew

Musquash Conservation Area MTB Trail 4.29 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.
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