Moses Creek

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The trail has large sections with palm roots and some tight switchbacks which tend to slow the flow down on the first half of the trail. There are also so great bridges and technical features currently and being built. The second half of the trail has somewhat of a better flow (less palm roots- but unavoidable in NE Florida)Trail is fairly new so the path is being ridden in, however it is marked fairly well (bike signs and blue squares).
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Trail Features
Trail features
  • Lift Service
  • Drinking Water
  •   Night Riding
  • Pump Track
  • Restrooms
  • Winter Fat Biking
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Granny Gear

November 11, 2018
Lachicdina Granny Gear  
Review: Great intermediate trail. Rode it for the first time today. Cool weather makes it fun.

Granny Gear

June 19, 2018
Review: Great flowy ride through woods, over creeks. Not technical, well marked. I strongly recommend entering through East Trailhead, especially if there's been rain. West was so muddy and mucky I almost gave up. Trail begins maybe 100 yards up from east trailhead on the east and takes you through a 4-mile loop back to just north of where you started. Warning: check for ticks after ride. Some guys coming in gave me that advice and I pulled 7 off my pants and skin.

Granny Gear

March 17, 2017
ang_mathis Granny Gear  
Review: This trail was fun for me. I'm new to mountain biking (got my bike in February.) I enjoyed the bridges because I find those to be a challenge but they're not super intimidating that you can't try them. And if you get too nervous you can just walk over them or there's bail out trails. They did a good job at building some new wooden trails over the fallen trees from hurricane Matthew. I took my hardtail but considering how many roots I had to get over, I'll be bringing my full suspension next time.

Granny Gear

March 5, 2017
Review: This was my first time ever mountain biking. My friends told me this was a good beginner trail, very easy. They lied, it is not easy from a beginners POV. There are a lot of quick turns, PLENTY OF ROOTS, some small wood ramps over trees, a couple more serious technical features, and some more roots. It's fun! But does require a certain level of athleticism, and bike skills. I will ride this a few more times before heading to mala compra and then eventually graham. You should do at least two passes.


January 5, 2017
Review: The trail is a mess still since the hurricane and unrideable. The feature bridges are unsafe do not ride this trail till it can be rebuilt it is not safe......go down to mala camera or graham swamp

Granny Gear

January 4, 2017
Review: Like Everyone has said, it's a great starter trial.. I believe this is a good trail for colder months when the flies and ticks slow down. I just rode this trail two days ago and I pulled five ticks off of me and ran into 3 or so spider webs. I thought the trail was fun with a lot of great views since the first half runs right along the creek. There are 2 or 3 technical features that were not in good shape from the hurricane, along with 2 or three downed trees that you will have to get off of your bike for. This was my first time here and I thought the trail was really well marked, didn't really having a problem navigating it. They are obviously still working on the clean up from the hurricane, and I am sure they are getting it cleaned up (a lot of spray painted trees that say cut or leave). All in all I would recommend this trail in the colder months for a nice, easier ride.

Bunny Hop

December 19, 2016
Review: It is a fun starter trail. There is some tech in the trail, but nothing fancy. However, there is a lot of brush, so you will be picking 10 to 15 ticks off of you at the end of your ride.

Granny Gear

May 2, 2016
McCrevis Granny Gear  
Review: Just rode this trail for the first time. I would consider myself an intermediate rider who hasn't been on a bike in a couple years. This trail is perfect for those starting out and/or starting back in MTBing. All the other reviews and descriptions are pretty accurate. The trail starts a little slow with the roots and switchbacks but then the flow picks up in the middle of the course. Towards the end of the course there are more roots but still a faster flow than the beggining. I did have to stop at some of the downed trees but it was more due to me never riding this trail. The obstacles seemed pretty basic to get over/around. I did not experience the ticks yet but I was obviously the first rider of the day due to the numerous spiderwebs I cleared. Only one fly bite but he ultimately paid with his life.

I was initially unsure where the MTB trail began but it was easy to see once I started down the service road. The trail was very well marked with signs and blue squares/arrows. Even at the road intersections, it was obvious which way to go (usually straight across).

This is a fun simple course that all can enjoy and a great introduction in to mountain Biking.

November 17, 2015
Review: This is a wonderful trail in the winter time only. During the summer you will be eaten alive by ticks, yellow flies, and mosquitoes. In the summer time the sand is soft and unridable and you will encounter large mud puddles after it. rains. During the winter though it turns into a different trail entirely; the scenery is breath taking and insects are non existent. From what I have seen the trails are very well maintained and I have never encountered any big spiders. (In the winter)


June 16, 2015
scube54 Gramcounter  
Review: I rode the trail in March. It was a fun trail with some tight twisty turny in the forest. Some great views of the river. It is a beginner trail but fun for everyone,

Moses Creek MTB Trail 3.13 out of 5 based on 23 ratings. 23 user reviews.
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