Hagan Stone Park

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I haven't actually ridden here BUT I have heard from some that these trails are used by runners and are not that interesting. From what I have heard, these trails are a bit rough but at 8 miles of singletrack, I don't really see how you could go wrong.
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Trail features
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Granny Gear

August 25, 2012
CSCaulder Granny Gear  
Review: I go ride this trail several times a week simply because it is about ten or fifteen minutes away from my home. It isn't the greatest place to ride, but for a quick place to load up and go one afternoon it isn't bad. I park on the left as soon as you pull in and tend to stay on that side of the park because the trails over there are more suitable for biking. There is one decent hill and some pretty good rock gardens within the two mile section I ride. You can ride the rest it is just wide relatively smooth trails, just watch for runners!

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Bunny Hop

August 1, 2008
lmxloco Bunny Hop  
Review: This trail is a family type trail, nothing more. It would be good to take your spouse and kids to and get off the pavement and into the woods without worrying about a hard ride. It's been a while since I've ridden it, but from what I remember there really weren't roots to speak of because of a nice mulch bedding covering most of the trails. Advanced riders would get bored rather easily out here.


June 7, 2008
2crank Poseur  
Review: This trail is a limbo trail, it is very "in-between". For every pro there is a con. It has good length, but not well marked of where to start or where to go when you come out of the woods. It can be very fast and fun, but it is packed with mulch. The singletracks are rather nice but they are a bit overgrown in places (that can be fixed simply by people riding it). Overall, I would say it is a very good trail system. Can be lots of fun and take a good bit of time to travel all of the trails.


December 23, 2007
Review: This isn't a true single track haven, as it starts the first 2 miles as double track. There are some single track trails further in and they are ok, tight and technical because they were designed with hiking in mind.

On the return trip though, the double track is fun because they are all downhill and very fast like a race track so you can fly!

Similar Trail: none.


May 14, 2005
Review: Not a whole lot here. A double track that is covered in hardpack mulch. The mulch makes it difficult to carry speed on the downhills because it will lead to your bike sliding out from under you. There are no roots or rocks. This would be a good begginers trail. A lot of the trail is used for cross country running races.

Granny Gear

January 11, 2005
Wyoming Granny Gear  
Review: This trail is NOT open to biking OCT-MARCH. I did not find this out until I had ridden 6 miles and saw a sign. It is more double track than single track. It is not difficult at all, but is still fun. Speed is the fun factor here. It is akin to riding around Salem Lake, but much more entertaining (Although the views are not as good). It has enough turns and hills to keep your mind occupied. I rode 6 miles and didn't ride on all trails. It is a good cardio workout, you could make it anywhere from a 3 to a 10 depending on how fast you ride. The map I got from there web site was useless, but once you find the trail, its marked well. There are some trails listed on the map that I could not find. I recommend that you park in the first parking lot on the right. The entrance is at the back of the parking lot.

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Granny Gear

April 3, 2004
Reddog Granny Gear  
Review: I found that the trail can be pretty easy to ride in some parts, and some parts it can be highly difficult, you can find any range of riding conditions just by exploring it, so it is set up for people of many skill levels. I also saw that there were spots were trees had fallen, and other bikers had stacked wood and logs up against both sides of them to make nice jumps out of them. Some spots were pretty wide and flat, and easy to ride, but there were spots where I rode over rocks and roots, and even splashed through a couple of creeks. It had just rained when I went, so there were some very muddy spots that were interesting to hit, and some water holes made by tractor tires from the last work they did on the trails, they are a good way to cool off without stopping :-)
I suggest more people ride this trail and post about it because it is a decent trail.

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