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According to Installation Commander Col Sanborn; the only legal trails on FB is "Smith Lake Trails & All American Trail". The Chicken Rd site that ppl are using has Federal Endanger Plants in them and yellow signs marking the area. When caught, it is a felony trespassing. Loggers have been in the area lately. The powers came to me today about this and I want to warn ppl who want to do the right thing! The person building bridges is stealing fence slats from local housing areas. Don't give MTB a BAD NAME! PPL can call 910-396-7531 or 396-7060 to verify this or get more outdoor information, the right information
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July 20, 2012
Bragg_PAO Poseur  
Review: Hi folks, just wanted o let you know you will be prsecuted for trespassing onto a federal installation. Is your bike worth it?

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Granny Gear

June 8, 2012
Tybol Granny Gear  
About half of this trail is gone (as of 01 June 2012). I found that out the hard way when I rode over to it the other day and saw it was being clear cut by loggers. I live in the new Barracks less than half a mile from the trail head, so naturally they are my stomping grounds. I'm not sure why they are cutting down all of the trees, but the machines they are using to do it seem to be following the singletrack's every turn. After my failed attempt to ride the area I returned to gather my trail maintenance tools I leave out there. The trails in many of my favorite areas have been compacted beneath the 5 ft tall tires (not even you 29er riders can match them) of the hellish machines they are using to strip this once tranquil area. It is a shame... There are still some areas of the trails you can ride, so feel free to go there and explore. I just wanted to make sure everybody was informed that these trails aren't what they once were.

Similar Trail: Under the high tension lines near the South-Post PX. There is much more sand there, but no wrecking crews...


July 8, 2007
Sprocket78 Gramcounter  
Review: It's open as long as you don't get caught. Needs some work but not to bad of a singletrack.

Granny Gear

June 8, 2007
Weeg Granny Gear  
Review: Drvien around out by there, and yes, several of my riding buddies also say it's jakked up that Mountain Bikes aren't allowed out there, yet YOU CAN SEE WHERE THEY (the "Range Nazis") SET THEIR DEER BAIT AND STANDS OUT. Seems they have this area as their own private hunting grounds. Many people confirm that.



September 27, 2005
Review: does anyone ever ride these trails?...will I get towed parking somewhat close to the trails?


June 17, 2005
Review: spent time at bragg and the trails are great. but yes the range control nazis were starting to get reall annoying right before i left. its a good fast cardio ride

May 28, 2005
Review: ive been doing alot of riding in fayetteville lately and the chicken road trails are great. we need to petition to open the trails back up. anyone around here knows that the smith lake trails are too far, too expensive, and not worth it. so open the chicken trails and let us ride!!!

Similar Trail: smith lake, sanford, cary

January 17, 2005
Review: Sad to hear about the trouble out there. Spent a lot of time with a shovel and rake in the mid 90's building those trails, and even there, we had to dodge the Range Control and Game Wardens.

December 27, 2004
Review: Game Warden's personal hunting grounds. Adjacent to residential and military zoning. I have found their bait piles and their cameras... And I smell conspiracy. Damned Hicks!!

Similar Trail: Just stay away from fayetteville if you're a mountain biker. Maybe if all mountain bikers boycot fayetteville as a mtn. biking destination these j***s around here will upen up some of these 'illegal' trails Like the one behind Hefner School that totally

January 1, 1970
Review: Nice single track. Good for entry level riding in some areas. Some areas are tight (sharp turns and lots of logs!) With more maintenance the trails will be ideal. The trails are already a great step in keeping ATB riders from Ft bragg and fayetteville happy and able to stay around here to ride.

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