The Bike Lane

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3.00 out of 5
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Address 11943 Democracy Drive
Reston, Virginia
Phone (703) 689-2671
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bastian on October 30, 2014
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Review: Pros: Getting a drink and bison burger at Clydes after going to bike lane, Close to the W&OD

Cons: My experiences here were not all that great. I was'nt welcomed in, Once I was stalked by an employee as though I was gonna rip them off while trying to check out some grips. There was no communication just staring eyes. And their stuff is way over priced.

Recommendation: If you work at RTC or around there then great! Go there and buy a high end piece of a bike because you got the loot like that,
But if you are looking for people that actually care, know their stuff, and want to get you on the right bike then go some where else. Performance in Plaza, Spokes in Vienna, A1 in Clock tower
dingomilo on August 22, 2012
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Review: Great place, good prices and they know what they're talking about. The owners Todd & Ann are huge supporters of the local community as well as racers too.