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Address 5230 Port Royal Rd.
North Springfield, Virginia
Phone 571 297 4227
Rental Info Bicycles are not available to be rented, but can be demoed.

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Smoothaston on October 30, 2018
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Review: Bicycle Pro Shop is the place to go. They have shops in Alexandria, Georgetown, and now in Springfield right across from Wakefield Park. My brother bought a Santa Cruz 5010 from the Alexandria location, and he continues to enjoy his bike at local trails, at bike parks around the area, and he's constantly progressing his style and level of ride. I've gone on Cannondale, Santa Cruz, and Yeti demos hosted by Bicycle Pro Shop that keep my addiction to mountain biking and my n(plus)1 appetite satisfied. I used to road bike only, but when it comes to mountain biking it's an addiction that has improved my health, my state of mind and clarity. I recently went to Bryce Bike Park, and got my derailleur mangled and bent. I asked Zach, the mechanic at Bicycle Pro Shop over at Springfield if he had a Shimano XT derailleur in stock. He responded by saying, "I can have it shipped to the shop by tomorrow." Amazon Prime wasn't offering one day shipping for that particular model. When it comes to riding having the part sooner is better. This day in age, bike shops like Bicycle Pro Shop are a rare gem. The guys at the shop will treat you like family not a number.