Memphis Bicycle Co.

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2.50 out of 5
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Address 2575 Summer Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee
Phone 901-323-7601
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gtiman2013 on July 28, 2015
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Review: Not sure what happened. But I got a bad case of crabs from there. Totally ruined me for a few months.
flip4life7 on November 16, 2007
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Review: Ok. I have done some research on Schwinn bikes and apparently people like to find parts and fix these bikes up. Apparently, there is some money in this. So I have decided to raise my original rating. Its still expensive but if youre into fixing up old Schwinn bikes then this is the place to go. Not sure if I would recomend this to any new bike riders. Mostly people that know a lot about bikes and that know how to restore them.
flip4life7 on November 16, 2007
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Review: I couldn't figure this place out. The place was strange and I got a weird vibe from it. It sold mostly all old Schwinn bicycles that were fixed up. There was no customer service. And all the parts seemed to be old junk parts laying around kind of like in a huge garage or flea market type thing. It was just parts laying on top of other parts. Hardly any organization at all in some places. I felt everything was overly priced as well. I gave them a 2 rating instead of a 1 because I don't feel like I know enough about bikes to give them a 1. But from a novice point of view I didn't like the place and would not go back. I would probably recommend this place to anyone looking for an overly priced used Schwinn bicycle though or someone that knows about bikes and can look for deals. If anyone has been here and can tell me different then I will change the rating.