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4.00 out of 5
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Address 38 Freemans Bridge Rd
Scotia, New York
Phone 518-382-0593
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Brian Wnuk on April 21, 2018
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Review: Awesome dealership very helpful very friendly and can get you any part if they don't have it in stock bought quite a few bicycles from there. Ask for dick he is a pro and so was it the rest of the crew dick is the owner and the place is awesome he's also a wholesaler one of the best bike shops I've ever been to if you're up here in the east Northeast definitely a good stop before you head to the mountains for some beautiful riding
Jack Brasek on May 8, 2017
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Review: Good Trek dealer. They were able to get a properly sized Marlin 5 for me in less than a week. Also offer 10% military discount which is great. They do, however carry a larger selection of road bikes than MTB.
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