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Address 2194 Michigan Avenue
Arnold, Missouri
Phone (636)287-6700
Rental Info Yes, $40 a day $20 each additional day.

$110 for a week.

Up to 1 week of rental charges can be applied to the purchase of any bike within 30 days.

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Michael Haugh on August 30, 2017
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Review: I was really impressed! I came in for a new pair of bike shorts, and the staff was very friendly and helpful, but they also acted perfectly fine that I wanted to look around for a little while before I really started asking questions about anything. (pushy salesman are one of my biggest peeve's) They let me wander around for a little while and check everything out, then I even test rode one of their newer bikes after talking with one of the guys about it. I would definitely recommend the shop to anyone...and now that I know about their bike rental program, I am seriously considering that the next time I am in town to check out the trails.
subtletact on June 4, 2017
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Review: One of the best shops in the Saint Louis area. Also some of the nicest guys. You won't be disappointed.