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Chanhassen, Minnesota
Phone 952-934-6468
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IVO1 on July 21, 2007
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Review: Lookout for Bokoo Bikes service scam. When I took 30 days this summer to pick my bike back up after $300 worth of service and upgrades, they charged me an extra $100 storage fee. This was the first I heard of a $3/day storage fee. I won't be buying my two younger children's first or future bikes there now.

Response from Bokoo Bikes:
Mr. O'Brien essentially claims in his review that he was charged an extra $100 as a storage fee because he took a mere 30 days to pick up his bike after service was completed. First, Mr. O'Brien did not pick up his bike for 51 days after service was completed on his bike, not the 30 days he claims in his review. He was provided with a call informing him that service had been completed on his bike and then two (?) reminder calls to pick up his bike; the last of which informed him that he had 48 hours to pick up his bike or a storage fee would be charged. When Mr. O'Brien finally picked up his bike, he was only charged a storage fee for 17 days at a total cost of $51.00, not the $100 he claims in his review. The false and deceptive statements made by Mr. O'Brien in his review serve to create a misleading picture of the service provided by Bokoo Bikes. Indeed, in this case as with all our customers, Bokoo Bikes strives to provide exemplary service.
dauw on January 14, 2007
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Review: This is a very clean, high end shop. Kinda spendy.
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