Twenty20 Cycling Savage

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3.75 out of 5
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Address 8600 Foundry Street
Savage, Maryland
Phone (410) 824-8099
Rental Info Yes they do... But you would have to inquire with them.

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Frankoq on September 30, 2017
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Review: This store is closed.
axxman on April 2, 2016
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Review: Nice shop, nice location, knowledgeable staff. I agree with previous comment that it is mostly a road bike shop, I counted 2-3 mountain bikes on display and everything else seemed to be road bikes. Parking is a bit difficult as well, but since I live so close it is not an issue.
mikeisgo on December 7, 2015
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Review: Very friendly people at this bike shop. Other comments comparing the price of things at the shop, aren't quite making a fair comparison. Twenty20 sells almost exclusively Specialized products. With that in mind their prices are comparable to other Specialized sellers. Specialized is not a cheap brand. If you want cheap, of course go online and buy a different thing, but don't complain about the shop because of this product line choice. As for the shop my experience was great. They were super knowledgeable and spent a lot of time with a personal fitting for the bike I bought which gave the whole purchase process of my new bike a very personalized feel. Their service plan for buying a new bike from them is also very good. They really want to get you on the right bike and keep it riding well for you. They are not just a road bike shop either, I purchased a mountain bike from them and the person who sold me the bike was very knowledgeable of local area mountain biking, of which I had several long conversations with him about.
prisco68 on September 10, 2014
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Review: Far to expensive for the average cyclist. You can find the same gear and better bikes at performance for half the price. This is only a Road Cycling store.
willeye on October 21, 2013
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Review: More a road cycling shop.... Stay away from their "specialized" tubes un less you like lumpy wheels.... Otherwise they seem friendly and helpful but a little expensive...


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