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Address 12615 Wisteria Drive
Germantown, Maryland
Phone 240-404-0695
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AJ711 on October 18, 2012
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Review: Small shop, but to me that means more personal customer service. And I got just that. I needed new tires, but knew very little (know a bit more, but still a lot to learn) and the employees at Germantown Cycles answered all my questions, explained things very clearly, and pointed me in the right direction for purchase of new tires. I walked out that afternoon feeling good about my purchases and looking forward to installing them on my bike. I'll definitely visit Germantown Cycles in the future.
Revengel on July 11, 2019
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Review: I'd checked in w/ a friend about local shops near me and she mentioned Germantown Cycles . . . but added she didn't have a good experience there. I chalked that up to an anomaly and decided to go there myself. This is my experience for the *only* time I came into the store. My daughter & I were there for over 20 minutes without as much as an acknowledgement. Not a "Hello" or "someone will be with you in a minute" or even a "these people had me first - I'll be with you in turn" would have sufficed. I've worked retail and understand these things happen often. But none of that happened. There were about 3-5 other people in the store and I could have been more forgiving of the person behind the counter (he was helping someone) but the other employee who came in, *pushed his way past me an my daughter* before going behind the yellow chain . . . *THEN* started going through things behind the counter (I think he said hello to someone else at the counter) told me I did not need to by my bike or my daughter's bike at that shop. While my story had a happy ending (I went to the Trek store in Rockville) this experience has warded me off from this place on a fairly permanent basis. Hopefully your experience will be far better than mine.


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