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Address 8039 Line Ave
Shreveport, Louisiana
Phone 318.868.4494
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GTXC4 on December 29, 2019
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Review: I've been in and out of this store for about 8 years as well. They have always had friendly staff (at least when I was there). I have never made a bike purchase from them. However, came close to doing so years ago. I have only went for parts and some components. One thing I have always appreciated about the staff here is that when I go to ask for parts, they only ask questions to ensure that I get the right part. If they ask anything else, it's out of a friendly sort of conversation about what you are doing. Sorta like sitting around and having maintainer/mechanic talk. Real cool group here and reminds me of other stores in other states that I have lived. There is that sense of community when you're there. This has been my only experience. I would recommend it. This store is a Specialized Dealer.


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