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Address 1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Roswell, Georgia
Phone (770) 993-2626
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Rebus on April 11, 2007
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Review: It's a good shop, although the floor selection on gear is rather sparse. The guys are good behind the counter and the bike selection is always top notch. Prices are a little high, but the service is excellent.
harohomeboy on February 8, 2007
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Review: This is a good bike shop. The guys who work here do a great job and are honest about what they do, plus they are friendly unlike some places. I get all the work I don't do myself done here. They can build wheels like no place else, and their tune ups are top notch. They also have a pretty good selection of parts and bikes. As with all bike shops the part prices are rather high, but the tune up and wheel true prices are very reasonable. The only thing I wish they had was another brand of bikes, other than Trek. Other than that, it's a great shop.


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