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Address 410 E 104th Ave
Denver, Colorado
Phone (303) 288-4100
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Mammal on July 31, 2015
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Review: I bought my first bike as an adult here just a few weeks ago. I explained that I was giving up motorcycling and had landed on mountain biking as the new hobby of choice. The shop manager spent a great amount of time explaining the answers to all of my questions. He and the owner both put everything in terms I could understand regarding performance, pricing and value. Before I purchased my bike, I went to 2 other shops that day and it was immediately apparent that Derby's customer service and knowledge of their products were miles ahead of the others. Their style is low pressure and no bull. Best of all, since I purchased my bike, I have visited several times with questions about maintenance, observations and new accessories. They are always willing and ready to answer my questions and even explain the engineering and anatomy of the bike in detail. I see the owner every time I go in there and he always asks how I'm liking the bike. If you want to buy your bike and enjoy a personal experience with top notch customer service that continues even after the sale is complete, I highly recommend this shop.
mycholass26 on July 25, 2015
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Review: Genuine to what they do. The owner greets you every time you step in to the shop, not toe toon a knowledgable a kind staff that helps you find a fit, or sell you exactly what you want. Knowledgable techs that's deliver, along with the willingness to teach you how to mitigate problems before they happen I highly recommend this shop
Ash Bobye on May 16, 2014
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Review: Knowledgeable employees and a nice store.


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