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Address 150 South Park Square
Fruita, Colorado
Phone 970-858-3917
Rental Info CBB carries high quality carefully maintained full suspension mountain bikes, carbon road bikes and front suspension kids bikes for travelers of all sizes and speeds. Whether you want to shred some local single track, click off some road miles around the Colorado National Monument or take a cruise on the Riverside bike path, we can set you up with the perfect rental bike.

1/2 day (4 hours)......... $40.00 Full day (24 hours).......... $65.00

Looking for a top-rated mountain bike trip? CBB ranks in the top ten hut-to-hut mountain biking trips anywhere! Located in Fruita, Colorado, just West of Grand Junction, Backcountry Biker offers spectacular, budget friendly mountain bike trips! Our self-guided, hut-to-hut mountain bike trips are one-of-a-kind, adrenaline pumping, scenic backcountry adventures.

If you're looking for a mountain bike trip that delivers more than miles, this is it. A bike trip yes, but so much more. Kevin Godar, owner/operator of CBB, better known as 'The Hut Guy', sums up the experience this way: "A mountain bike trip isn't enough. If it doesn't end up being an adventure of a lifetime, something's gone seriously wrong!"

Adventures offered. Adventures earned.

What makes our bike trips different from other outfitters?

No hassle baggage transfer from hut to hut

Fresh food and iced drinks at every scenically located hut

Deluxe bike trips conclude with a recuperative night at the Gateway Canyons Resort

Shuttle service available after your adventure bike trip

The Tabeguache Trip is a four day cross country adventure combining some great single track with scenic jeep trails and fire roads. This trip provides some challenging climbs and is best done in June or September.

The Dominguez Trip is perfect for single track enthusiasts who just can't get enough. It's three days of pedaling through diverse landscapes and interesting challenges that will give you plenty to talk about around the evening camp fire.

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David Minton on February 16, 2015
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Review: Excellent shop with over the top service. Exactly what fruita has been missing for a long time. Weather your bike cost 100 dollars or 10000 dollars Cbb will happily fix you up, unlike some other shops that only want the "high end" riders.
Lancefan on April 5, 2007
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Review: This is a great shop that has great service and the employees are extremly helpfull.
C Deuter on July 9, 2017
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Review: Very friendly, great products.
swarty on April 26, 2015
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Review: These were great to hang with. Pointed us in the right direction for a sweet ride.
mclassen on February 26, 2015
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Review: Good personalized service at a reasonable price.
Colorado Backcountry Biker 5.00 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.


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