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Address 16400 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite #100-101
Huntington Beach, California
Phone (562) 592-6000
Website rideoutspoken.com
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swerverider on October 31, 2014
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Review: Review based on a "casual" visit - just to "have a look around". Greeted promptly as I walked in. Although I was mostly "window shopping", I was interested to see if they had any jerseys. They didn't seem to have very much of anything. Mostly a road bike store by the look of things, a few Kona MTBs on display. Even their displays of things like chain lube seemed "sparse". Unless you're Apple, having a "minimalist" approach (intentional, or otherwise) might be a mistake, it makes you look like you don't have much stock... Don't think I'll be going back. UPDATE - As of summer 2017 - no longer in business