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Address 723 N. Montezuma St. #A
Prescott, Arizona
Phone (928)445-0280
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Brian K. Holder on August 17, 2015
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Review: Absolutely the best shop in Prescott. Andrew and the guys know bikes and local trails.
I trashed a carbon brake riding the Dells. No other shop had my interest in mind. Manzanita Bikes actually tried to gouge me on the price of a replacement, plus a 4 day wait! High Gear Bikes was good; they suggested ordering a replacement on Amazon and said I could ship it to their address. Iron Clad Bikes said my "Elixir" brake (really an XO carbon) was outdated. and should be replaced with a Deore- this on an $8K carbon XC bike! Bike Smith, on the other hand, set me up with a loaner brake, installed it, ordered a rebuild kit for my brake ($24, not $300 like Manzanita quoted me), and went over my bike and made some adjustments... for nothing.
Absolutely the best customer service I've seen, not just in a bike shop, but in any business. Plus they sponsor races and have free beer after weekly rides! I'll never go anywhere else in Prescott.
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