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Address 202 Hallam Drive
Hinton, Alberta
Phone 780-817-4448
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chuckpelley on March 17, 2016
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Review: another year and a bit under our belt of riding year round, it is so awesome when your LBS, opens his shop anytime of the year to fix your bikes, fat or skinny. Scott has helped us with odd fixes as well as the normal wear and tear. He has dug thru his books and links, looking for that bit or piece that we "need" to have.
chuckpelley on December 23, 2014
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Review: This is THE BEST bike shop ever. The owner, Scott, helps all kinds of bicycle enthusiasts. He has a great supply of tools, bits and pieces as well as gloves, helmets and hydration packs. During the summer we go hang out there at least 2 times a week and in the winter at least once a month. Check him out if you are in town.


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