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Brand: Yakima

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  • Sierradirtslayer   ✓ supporter

    Buy this, it is awesome and way better than roof racks.

    Beefy rails, easy loading, folds up if needed and can fit either 1/2" or 1" receivers.

    My model is a little tight on some 29ers

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  • AJ711

    Wanted a platform hitch rack to transport the bike to/from the trails, especially with the much dirtier winter riding quickly approaching, not to mention camping trips that require the inside of the vehicle to be packed with other supplies. I found an AWESOME deal on this rack on craigslist and jumped on it.

    I picked up a larger U-lock (Pitbull DT) with a cable to help secure the bike to the rack. If you lock the front wheel just right, there is no way of separating the bike from the rack without cutting the u-lock. And if you get a lock with a cable accessory, you can loop the cable around the hitch frame or car to help provide extra anti theft persuasion.

    Despite being a generation old, this is still a capable rack. If/when it breaks, I may jump to something else, but for now, I'm quite happy with this product.

    No more dirty car interiors
    Securely transports 2 bikes
    Bikes supported on wheels/tires, not frame
    Bikes won't twist, bang in to car or one another
    Can be expanded to fit 4 bikes

    Bike exposed to elements, road salt (winter night riding), and other nastiness
    Need separate locking device, no way to lock rack parts/arms

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