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  • beach_boy86

    A solid choice for anyone in need of an affordable and good performing hub. I've been running mine for over 3 years and they have lasted more than their fair share of abuse. Since I've owned them the only maintenance that I have had to do was replace the bearings in the front hub (which is very easy to do).

    The rear hub is crazy loud, so if that's not your cup of tea then stay clear of the Abbah's. I have the 36 hole hubs and I do find that they are a little heavy, but its pretty hard to build a light 36 hole wheelset. I believe the Abbah's are available in a 32 hole version as well.

    Lastly the rear hub requires a spacer in order to run properly. Although I'm not entire sure of the benefit of this spacer, aside from allowing for proper spacing and easy service, it does make attaching your rear wheel a combersome process.

    In whole the Abbah are fantastic hubs that I would recommend to anyone.

    - Quick and crisp engagement
    - Super loud
    - Affordable
    - Easy to service

    - A little heavy
    - Rear hub requires a spacer

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