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Q: does it turn off

Q: How to set for 29 inch rim

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  • G.W.

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  • banglea89

    Works great! I would recommend to anyone. Any variation between the wired and wireless versions is forgotten due the fact that this one is wireless and so easy to install.

    Installation is a breeze!
    Very easy to use!

    My wife uses the wireless version and I use the wired version. The wireless version doesn't seem to be quite as responsive as the wired version. For example, while riding yesterday, my Speedzone Sport Wired showed I had traveled 5.00 miles an my wife's wireless version on recorded 4.77. This happens on nearly all of our rides. Our local shop (where we purchased the units) installed and set up both.

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  • dirt shredder

    Can't beat it for the money and quality. A must have!

    Dual mounting hardware included. Easy to use and install. Big numbers and very tough.

    Instruction book is small and hard to read because of small print

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  • stumpyfsr   ✓ supporter

    Overall it's a decent cyclocomputer. Provide you basic information about how fast and how far did you go. Could be nice to have a thermometer in it but I can leave without it. Once it stoped working due to contacts between computer and bracket was oxidized. After cleaning never had that issue again. And for 29er you need to measure your wheel circumference unless you run 29x2.0

    Decent computer that works for me well without breaking a bank.

    Simplicity, compact size, big numbers easy to read, accurate, simple navigation, no wires = no problems

    There's no wheel size for 29er except 2.0. Contacts oxidize easy. No thermometr in it.

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