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Where to buy Shimano Deore XT FD 770 top pull    SEE ALL

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Brand: Shimano

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  • JacksPerson

    This derailuer came stock on my Anthem alnog with the Deore rear shifter and shifting levers. It seems to be the weekes part of the Deore family in my opinion. It is great derailuer dont get me wrong and it is tough as hell. but it is the only part of the deore drive train that I ever have to think twice about when using. This derailuer tends to collect a ton of crap in tough conditions, like pine needles, mud and mass leaves. When it does collect all this crap it does however opperate just as well.

    - shifts well
    - been very durable
    - easy to adjust even on a full suspension bike where it can be difficult to get the right position with the screw driver to adjust limit screws.
    - when its filled with leaves, pine needles and mu, it still performs as it should!

    - Needs to be feathered to shift into higher gears once in a while
    - fills with leaves, pine needles and mud very easily.

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  • dozzerboy

    Works with SRAM and Shimano shifters. For the money, the best FD shifter you'll find for 9 speed drivetrains.

    Solid, quick up-shifting. Stiff cage. Shorter cage trail length than SRAM x7 allows it to fit better on bikes with narrow tire to frame clearances.


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