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  • JacksPerson

    I ride alone almost exclusively. Maybe two or three times a year a buddy will want to try to come with me and I let em ride their choice of back-ups. I ride anywhere from 20-40 miles during the longer days about 5 days a week and only about 10-15 miles this time of year twice a week with the shorter days.
    I like to to be as safe as possible with all that time I spend alone out in the woods and I will try anything I can find to make myself that much safer and also calm the spousal aggro. This watch gives me just that little bit more warm fuzziness while I'm riding and its actually a cool little watch.

    I received this watch free from a promotional subscription and its first impression was weak at best. Its a big thick black rubber band with big red lettering on it that say RUMBA. This rubber band has two "pockets" in it, one on either side, top and bottom. The top pocket has the watch in it. It is supposed to be water proof and shock proof. It definitely does not look to resemble this description. It looks like it a cheepo glued together 80's digital watch. The pocket on the bottom is pretty flat and its obvious a small card goes into it.

    I have beaten the piss out of this watch. It's taken a few really good rides over the bars, and smack or rubbed against trees. not a scratch on the watch. The band has a few scratches but nothing more.

    The one solid point against this watch though and the reason it didn't get 5 stars is the money... There is a subscription fee associated with debit card portion of the watch, which is fine, but its the lose of money I am more concerned with. Its a small scan chip/card that slides into the rubber pocket on the bottom side of the watch... That is not secure enough for me. I have had a person use my check card numbers from a carbon back in the day, when there was such a thing as carbons... It was hell! No way am I sliding a debit card into the little pouch! Ok grumpy old man rant over.

    But you get what I'm saying right?

    I do like this watch and its part of my everyday riding gear. It has never negatively effected my riding. It took some time to grow on me but it defiantly took all the abuse that a watch a person does not care about could receive and still is.

    Here's their promo video:

    - Very light
    - Durable
    - Can be used to make purchases like a card.
    - Has a personal ID tag for emergency identification.
    - It's hairy arm friendly

    - it feels cheep, looks like a cheepo old school 80's digital watch stuffed into the pocket of a rubber band.
    - Debit/check card purchase on a card that slips into a pocket in a watch that is pretty much an over sized rubber band.

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