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  • iliketexmex

    These pedals are completely different than anything else. They are huge. Initially I found myself migrating the ball of my foot to the spindle out of habit. In my life I had never ridden a bike any other way. However when I found my feet getting a little tired on a long ride (which would often happen) I remembered to adjust my feet. The difference was real. I had a little more to give in the climb and the foot fatigue disappeared. My heel-down position in the downhills had a little more clearance since the pivot point was more in the center of my feet. I think it will take a few more rides to get completely acclimated but I really like these pedals, I may even fit my back-up bike with a pair in spite of them being a little pricey. Although to be fair pricey is relative, you can spend as much on other pedals, these are just a completely different solution to a very old product. I am very happy I rolled the dice on them.

    Flat pedal, size, number of pins

    no clipping in (but I don't want that), price

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  • j1nelsonsd

    I tried these and found the notion of the planted foot improved my ride. I have a VERY steep section that I like to do intervals on. I usually can't do more than 4. The morning I first tried these I did 7 and was not as tired as I expected. I need more rides to confirm but I think the inventor of these is really on to something. I would recommend buying these and trying "planted foot" mountain biking.

    True innovation based on exercise physiology, listen to Bike James' podcast about ankle vs hip power. There is the planted foot for power and there is the leaping foot for jumping. The planted foot is for sustained power. The leaping foot is to use the planted foot to make power and then transfer it to the ball of the foot as leaving the ground. No sport deviates from that paradigm, except cycling. It was probably a mistake arising in the 1800s, that no one ever questioned. For optimal power (when not leaving the ground), the foot is to be planted. This is the only pedal that allows that.

    Innovation, so it is different than your previous experience. Will have to lower seat and move seat forward.

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  • Chris Chambers   ✓ supporter

    Great for DH and Enduro no reason why not to try these. Also great for Fatbikes in the Winter.

    No foot cramps because of great support
    Lots of studs
    Different colors
    More power because of larger size
    Thin profile
    Rebuild kits available

    short axle space to crank

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