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  • Steve Mehne

    Great for the price, but if you want something more accurate you'll have to pony up some cash. You get what you pay for.

    Easy to use comes with a spoke tension chart. Inexpensive.

    You should get this calibrated regularly if you are building a lot of wheels.

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  • Josh L

    if you're like most normal riders this meter is perfect, spending big money for a nice tension meter is silly unless you're a pro

    very easy to use

    chart is hard to understand
    will eventually wear out

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  • dozzerboy

    This is one of the cheaper tensiometers on the market. It doesn't have the digital readouts of the more expensive units and probably isn't quite as accurate over the long run. For people who need to build a wheel to "exact specs", you may want to spend the money on a more expensive unit. However, for people who don't build wheels professionally, this tool should be fine.

    Fast and relatively simple to use as long as you can read the charts and have the correct spoke width. Great price compared to some of the $300 models sold by DT Swiss.

    Spring based tension reading seems like it would become inaccurate as the tool aged.

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