Park Chain Whip / Pedal Wrench (HCW-16)

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Brand: Park

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  • chetatkinsdiet

    This is one of the only times that I've have much negative to say about any Park tool. Not really negative, it's just that in some cases, this tool doesn't seem to have the leverage needed to get the job done. In those cases, the separate tools are better. Again, it's just like I've said though with other tool reviews....that's why they make different versions. It's great to have this one in your portable kit and your separate tools at home. I like mine and it should last a lifetime.

    Park quality
    Park warranty
    Two in one tool

    Not as easy to use in some cases as separate tools would be.

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  • dozzerboy

    As with most 2 in 1 tools, the tools themselves are mediocre. If you plan on using either tool on a regular basis, it might just be worth it to get the separate better made tools. The pedal wrench is decent but could be a little longer for more leverage. I would suggest you look elsewhere if you plan to use this tool regularly.

    2 in 1 Tool

    Chain whip isn't the greatest
    Not quite enough leverage.

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