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Brand: Osprey

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  • Victor DiLorenzo

    Buy the 2.5L unless you never go out for more than 2 hours. Also be sure to thread the hose that stays attached to the bladder through the little elastic eyelet next to the filler cap, that way the hose won't flop around. Its almost like just filling a bag with water, not filling a hydration bladder (hose flopping around getting caught/dirty ext ext)

    This is the best hydration bladder available IMO. I have used camelbacks antidote, I've use the regular Hydraulics reservoir with the backbone. A couple things make the LT the best I've ever used. Its magnetic clip, yea all osprey bladders have that, but this one has the quick connect hose. IMO the connector being at the top (while its in the pack) is nicer than camelbacks at the bottom of the bladder design. With this you can leave the hose attached to your shoulder strap, remove the bladder and fill it, no hose to manage, no hose flopping around and getting caught on everything you walk past.

    I have seen them leak, maybe 5% have this issue. If yours leaks make sure all the gaskets are in place on the quick connect. If it still leaks exchange it, your new one probably won't have the issue. Its worth any hassle IMO.

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