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  • Bombardier

    For an entry-level freeride fork, the Marzocchi VF is hard to beat. The only external adjustment that can be made on this fork is the addition of an air preload. Additional adjustments can be made through changing oil levels and viscosities. This is easy enough with a little know-how, as the internals of the fork are as simple as it gets. As mentioned above, OEM 2005 66VF forks only have 150mm of travel, but the swapping of an internal bump-stop will increase the travel to 170mm. Unfortunately, there is no outward method to tell whether the 66VF fork you just bought is an OEM take-off, or an aftermarket fork, other than to break out a tape measure.
    But put all that aside, and the 66VF is one of the best entry-level freeride forks on the market. I've had my butt saved many times by allowing the fork to soak up a badly judged landing or rogue rock. The fork is massively stiff, and shows no deflection even when pinging through the worst rock-gardens.

    Extreme Durability, Simplicity, Value, Buttery Damping Quality

    Lack of adjustibility (depends on personal preference), Oil levels too high & viscosity too thick from the factory, OEM forks only have 150mm of travel. Typical Marzocchi stiction until the fork is broken in.

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