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Brand: Lizard Skins

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  • sevenhelmet

    I installed these to replace the Specialized BG grips that came with my Hardrock. I have large hands (XL glove size), and even with gloves, I was having hand fatigue after even moderate 8-10 mile rides. I installed the North Shore grips in the hopes they would help. After a 15 mile ride , my hands felt fine! Bonus points for the customizable lock rings if you buy them from Lizard Skins direct.

    Overall nice grips, would recommend them to anyone with bigger hands. Four stars, only because I haven't had them long enough to know how durable they are.

    Looks, grip, easy install, less fatiguing for big hands


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  • JBX

    Solid grip with some cush


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  • PJamz79

    I'd recommend these Lizard Skins Lock-On Northshore Grips to anyone who wants a larger diameter grip that looks cool and lasts a long time.

    Specifications from
    Length - 130mm
    Weight (with plugs) - 125g
    Diameter - 33mm

    Lizard Skins has a variety of grips and offer customizations to grip color, end-plug color, inner and outer locking ring colors, and offer engraving (painted text and graphics) on the locking rings as well.

    After 6 months of use, the grips still have a slightly tacky feel. Easy to install. The end plugs fit nice and snug as well, which I only comment on because I've lost a couple of the stock ones before.

    The grip is 33mm in diameter. I wanted a larger grip which is more comfortable for me. The grip is not super soft and squishy, yet has enough give to absorb some of the harshness from trail chatter.

    These took less than a week to get shipped to me when ordering directly from Lizard Skins.

    I ordered two different color of rings, one color for inner and one color for outer, but received only one color for both. The invoice webpage listed just the one color, but during the selection/customize screen, it looks like you can pick two different colors. It's not a big deal though since rings and end-plugs can be ordered separately.

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