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Brand: Kryptonite
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  • chuckpelley

    I really like this lock, the fact that I have to use the key to lock and unlock keeps the key from being lost. I literally leave the key in it when I am not using the lock

    not pricey
    key lock
    have to use key to unlock AND lock it

    not long enough

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  • blundar

    I lived in Boston, MA and near Hartford, CT. I've had more than 3 of my cheap bikes stolen over the years. This kind of heavy cable lock will only slow down a determined thief. The best bike locks are heavy duty chain locks, and heavy duty U-locks. Once I started riding MTB, I bought better locks to protect my expensive bikes. Never leave a bike that is locked up unattended for a long period of time. I also learned to always lock up my bikes even when I have them stored at home.

    The coil on this cable lock makes it easy to carry on the bike wrapped around the stem and/or headset. The cable is well covered with a rubbery plastic and so is the lock set, so you do not have to worry about it scratching up the paint on the bike. Remove the front tire (QR), and the cable is long enough to wrap around the rear tire, the removed front tire, the bike frame, and a bike rack.

    Not bulky, fairly inexpensive, not heavy, heavy duty 1/2" thick cable slows down thieves.

    Only good for slowing down a thief on a busy pedestrian area. If a thief has enough time, they can fairly quickly get through any cable lock like this.

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