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Brand: Kona

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  • beach_boy86

    Depending on your needs the Cowan DS is a fun bike. It's a little tall and cumbersome to be DJ specific bike but would make a splendid slope and/or AM bike.

    The suspension design produces very little pedal bob but enough that you aren't going to want to do all day epic pedals every day.

    Maintenance on the Cowan is also a long and tedious process. Because of the concentric design it uses pinch bolts to hold things together. This means that you will have to find the torque specs and properly torque the bolts in order for things to work right, or you risk cracking the frame (which I might add is an easy thing to do).

    There are plenty of DJ specific bikes and since Kona seems to be going in a different direction I would suggest looking at something different that better suits your needs.

    - Stiff, good FS dirt jumper
    - Efficient and fast rolling
    - Suspension soaks up everything
    - Concentric BB allows you to run SS without a tensioner
    - Flickable

    - Tall standover
    - The use of pinch bolts to hold essential parts

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